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Stop focusing on what you cannot do. Yes, it’s difficult to see others around you grow and succeed. You have a lot to be thankful for even in your time of stagnant relationships, career, and parenting skills.

Be still and know that God has a plan and you have to tune in deeper into his realm to trust, not understand, but to fully trust his process.

Lord, help me to release all control so that your perfect will can be done in my life today.

Today, you only need to focus on a Spirit of Gratitude. ~ Just Grateful


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In the midst of my losses and going through the grieving process, I’ve never felt this content in my life. I believe in the Lord and the infinite powers to heal and sustain those who believe.

His grace and His mercy is sufficient for us all. Get you some peace that surpasses all understanding. Never give up.

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My son reminds me of myself growing up. He listens, he understands consequences, he is attentive, he tries to follow the rules. He is the peacemaker. Lord, most importantly, he is yours. I’m so grateful. Lead him where you need him to go, and touch his heart so he can be humble enough to follow you Lord. Keep him in your protection and give him the knowledge he needs to succeed. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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