Power To Answer the Call

A lot of people believe that it’s NYE, but in real time the New Year started in September. As we prepare to think we are beginning something new to celebrate, we should be mindful of what’s true.


I had a great year of excitement and disappointments. I am always discovering something new about myself. Never knew I was an Empath and with knowing that, now I understand why I am so sensitive to many people, places and things.

But with adversity comes an incredible learning experience to build up my faith to continue through life. The ability to set boundaries and to make decisions that’s best for my life. The opportunity to get closer to a higher power to understand it all. The power to answer the call.

I was able to travel to the Dominican Republic on four different occasions.

I got engaged and planned to marry, but that didn’t work out as I had planned.

I celebrated my 50th birthday in California with my best friends.

My first born son graduated from high school.

I sold my house and decided to reduce my expenses and certain privileges to survive. Many sacrifices I’ve made for me and my sons to have a good life and to be content. Oh how I wish my life could be more close to perfection.

What did I learn from my life experiences, when things didn’t go right for me?

That’s my reflection.

What did I learn and what will be different for me in 2019? Will I have the power to answer the call?

I almost gave it all up!

Life beat me up yesterday, but it didn’t knock me out completely. I am alive, and blessed to be among the living. 

My deepest sympathy goes out to the victims and their families in Alexandria, VA.  It’s a shame we can’t be safe amongst our own people of this great nation. 

On a positive note!  I am encouraged to finish my upcoming book, I still have more work to do so please be patient with me. This is a self-publishing piece from my personal journal. 

My best critic read my book last night and here is her review!  Thanks Mother!  I Love You! 

“Made it to chapter 41 with 4 pages of notes. I’m really enjoying it. It’s well written, spiritual, funny, honest and very sweet and loving like God made you. You are his unique creation. Living and walking in your truth. I’m proud to call you mine. You have blessed me beyond words. ❤️ goodnight 💤” ~@joybabygran