Who’s really spying on you anyway?

An very nice associate from Reviews.com reached out to me via my blog and asked me to share this valuable information about VPNs.  What is a VPN?  A VPN is one of the best ways to conceal your online activity.  Why would you want to do that?  Well, if I am banking online, shopping online, and using public hotspots while I am traveling, I would want my data to be protected every step of the way.  My teenage sons first introduced me to a VPN, but I did not quite understand how it operates, therefore I had to research it for myself.  Reviews.com looked into over 100 service options to determine which are the fastest, most reliable, affordable, and compatible across all devices.

You can check out Reviews.com full findings here http://www.reviews.com/vpn/

Thanks Kayla Allen, Outreach Specialist

In addition to this valuable research from Kayla, I found NordVPN to be offering a great deal on their services and they also have a referral program, so I decided to try it out.  NordVPN says “You can’t be safe without VPN.  It’s a fact.”  You can click here to use my referral code or you can click on my “Perks” page for more info.  It’s so cool how people look out for you!  Right?

6 quick facts why you need a VPN:

1.  Double Data Encryption
2.  Lightning Speed
3.  Strict No Logs Policy
4.  Superfast Servers Everywhere
5.  Easiest VPN Ever
6.  Automatic Kill Switch