Deserted Hearts

God is… He is everything. He is a light even to those who have nothing. It is not His desire that we suffer, but nonetheless He is always a comforter and a very present help. He loves them and us just the same. No one is esteemed above the other. That’s how he wants us to treat each other, but are we really unbiased on how we treat the poor, the less fortunate? We want to turn our backs on them. It’s not our problem how they live their lives. Just keep on walking by. They’re peasants in our lives.

He found them in a desert, a windy, empty land. He surrounded them and brought them up, guarding them as those he loved very much. Deuteronomy 32:10 NCV

What does it take to live a life to care for the poor? It’s a calling on your life that many do not heed to. It’s a calling that is not for everyone to accept, but if you’re that one! That one person that knows you can take care of only one person that is poor, you will find it in your heart to help where you can help, even if it’s just one dollar. You never know how a little can go a long way in their life.

Give a little of your life to help those in need.

Thank you Father, that you are near to me even when my heart is broken and my strength has failed. Thank you that you find me in my wilderness and you will restore me to joy.

~Found in a Desert

Be Sill and Know Daily Devotional

Simple and sweet

This last trip to the Republica Dominicana was surprisingly delightful.  

He traveled from afar.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it, but He came through for me just like he said he would.  I always doubt him, but for someone with so little, he makes it happen.  

I was in town for two days, patiently anticipating his arrival.  The day came for us to meet and he arrived within 20 minutes after I did.  I don’t know how he did it, but he made it happen.  

He took me to places I really didn’t want to go, but I always feel somewhat safe with him.  He was engaged and intrigued and he was able to accomplish some necessary things.  He was patient, and kind, considerate to what I wanted and attentive to more of what I needed from him.  It was if he had something to prove.  Maybe because it was my birthday. 

It’s the little things I cherish like quality time, sitting on the sofa watching tv, rubbing his feet, cooking, a walk on the beach, drinking cerveza, sharing authentic Dominican eats like his favorite fried chicken & plaintains, Chinola passion fruit or fresh pescado squeezed with lime juice.  Watching him run on the beach and practicing his pitch for baseball.  

There’s still more I want to do with him like go to a movie, visit more beaches, and create more quiet memorable moments.  

Just him & I, simplying our love one day at a time. He makes it happen.