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Bring HIM honor and glory

Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches. 1 Corinthians 7:17 ESV

I was taught that we have direct access to the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It is the newness of our spirit that can bring honor and glory when we give up our own desires of the flesh to a higher calling on our lives.

But on the other hand, I was also taught that God gave us free will to choose for ourselves how we want to live our lives and to live pursuing our own goals and aspirations.

Lord is this the life you chose for me or am I pursuing my own goals and aspirations?

At what point do you really choose the life God has for you?

Do you continue on your own path of righteousness or do you fully surrender unto the Lord Almighty?

Lord I want to bring you honor in the way that I live and glory in how I use my unique talents. Make your calling clear to me so that I can fulfill it. ~ Amen

Be Sill and Know Daily Devotional

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True Story

The Poetry Journal wants to connect with you to identify the insecurities in your relationships. Fear, self-doubt, or jealousy. These feelings can occur. We all may experience some level of vulnerability when we choose to love, but you can work through them to achieve your level of confidence.

My book, “The Love Experience” is based on a love affair overseas and I write about identifying the many insecurities I faced and how they affect us psychologically. This Love Experience is based on a true story and is now available on You can click here to buy your paperback

My Henna Artist @domsol has her copy!

My sister’s friend read her copy on vacation in St. Lucia.

My hair stylist just gave birth to her beautiful new born baby girl and she also has her copy.

This is a blessing to see my work in the hands of the ones I love. I know that I have more work to do to continue to reach you! Thank you Lord for my destiny. God is Glorious all the time.

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Raquél Helm

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We Are for Each Other

Chapter Seven ~ (edited) Although his love was not perfect, I realized that neither was mine. I believed there was a victory in being so vulnerable, after I had gone through a major loss, but I made a conscious effort on being confident and decided to love again. We have more work to do, but I knew one day he would come for me and it would be true that he was the one. I discovered that the perfect gift he had to give to me was his heart. Somos unos para el otro #author #blogger #poet #theloveexperience #helmwomentakedr #thepoetryjournal #emav❤️🇩🇴

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I saw God’s Glory!

I have worked more than twenty years from retail shops to hardware stores, and non profit organizations; earning a decent paycheck to take care of my family.

I have always dreamed of going places far away to learn more about other cultures. Fulfilling my inner being to be better, set good examples and to give back to the people in my circle.

I don't have money to show for my return on my investment, but what I have learned from travel is just priceless.

The ability to embrace other people and their circumstances, whether it's being better off financially or being less fortunate, this is a lesson in itself that has changed my life.

I can't stop loving because someone has less than what I have; this only encourages me to work harder to find a way to touch and encourage people to dream bigger than their current situations.

Old San Juan taught me the importance of preserving life's history. To build on what you have, little by little, piece by piece, brick by brick, dollar by dollar, and heart to heart. The fruit of your ancestors hard labor should not go unnoticed.

When I walked through Old San Juan, I could see the smiles, the good times, the music, the hard labor, the family bonds, the authentic food, the hills, the brick roads, the sea, and most importantly I could see me!

Lord, you blessed me to see Old San Juan, not only did I see your Glory, I also had fun. What did I do to deserve this? I'm so grateful.

Love ❤️,

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An Afterthought

The older I get the less I know.

I still remember my first job interview at 15. I landed my first part-time job at the Gap outlet. My very first day on the job, I was faced with a pile of unfolded messy clothes on a table. The task at hand back then, looks like my son’s closets today. At 15, I jumped right into the task and started to fold these messy clothes on the table to make the table look organized enough for the customers to sort through them and to buy them. Soon after I sorted through that mess for months, I was promoted to the original Gap store front where the scenery was new and fresh. The clothes were neatly folded and presented in a manner where the customer wanted to buy them right off the shelf. At sweet 16, I was more focused on greeting the customer and closing the sale, clocking in and out for a day’s pay.

After leaving the retail industry, I had to focus more on my passion for work and I somehow landed in administration. Perhaps it could have been that simple vocational course I completed immediately out of high school that started my path for administration. This course was free offered by the city or the state, I really don’t remember but this free course paved the way for me to obtain the office skills needed to work in an office environment.

I still remember absorbing all the skills in administration, taking courses and attending seminars to improve my skills enormously. I learned the skills I needed and brought that expertise back into my workplace and executed my skills effectively. I was my own master, defining my own destiny, and claiming my own future for success.  Every time I turned a year older, I found myself striving for more skills and more money to reach the top or that pot of gold in my bank account.

Then I got married, and the kids came. My focus to thrive in my career shifted to my new born babies and a husband. My career became an afterthought. Being consumed with feeding babies, changing diapers, daycare, strollers and car seats, not to mention the duty of being a wife, my job was an afterthought. My skills in administration were only being utilized between the hours of 8am-5pm, after that I shifted into family time of nurturing babies, preparing dinner and preparing my family for the next day and doing it all over again. No time for traveling to seminars and executive courses because babies are more important. My desire to enhance my executive skills became an afterthought.

The older I got the less I know. I can only do what I am told. My desire has unfolded into an afterthought. I admire those who continue to strive for the best. Who jump through hoops, those who go above and beyond to get to the top because whatever it is that is in you to give you that boost, use it to your advantage so that your goals in life won’t just become an afterthought.