My Top 10!

Traveling does not always require a full itinerary. You can still have fun relaxing.

Top Ten ways to relax if you’re on Vacation

1. Schedule a full body scrub massage

2. Sleep in late

3. Attend a yoga session

4. Drink hot tea or coffee

5. Sit out on the beach for every sunrise and sunset

6. Cook dinner

7. Read a romance novel

8. Visit the Zoo or the local park

9. Volunteer to help the children or the elderly

10. Shake heavily and pop the cork open on a bottle of champagne and let it spill all over you in the shower

Pick any three of these and you’ve got your relaxation for your vacation.

Live ~ Love ~ Travel

U Got It Bad

U Got It, U Got it Bad when you’re on the phone, hang up & U call right back.

U Got It, U Got It Bad if  U miss a day without your friend your whole life’s off track.

U know U got it bad  when you’re stuck in the house, U don’t wanna have fun; cause all you think about.

U Got It Bad when you’re out with someone & U keep on thinking about somebody else.