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Inspirational quotes and short stories on romance and travel

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She’s Gotta Travel

~I travel just to see another side of myself. Who can I be outside of my country?

~ Daring

~ Independent

~ Freedom

~ Exhilarating

~ Exhalations

I have traveled to domestic destinations on someone else’s dime. Even my first time traveling internationally to the Dominican Republic, was not on my dime.

But when I got a taste of the beauty and that bliss, I could not hardly contain myself. Like what have I been missing? Attention like this? I just could not resist.

I evolved into another person it seemed. Dreaming of fantasies I had once dreamed. Connecting with someone who fell in love with me. Not knowing the consequences of giving him all of me.

Places I would not go, I went.

Things I would not do, I did.

People I would not see, I saw.

A love I would not normally love, Yes, I loved.

I travel just the way I want to. My rules, my money, my time. Just the way I want it.

And I damn sure ain’t nobody’s property.

#shesgottatravel 😝 #thepoetryjournal


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Eleven is a contributor and demonstrates an inventive and benevolent personality. 

Eleven is: committed, perceptive, thoughtful, charitable, tolerant and loyal. 

But might express negative emotions through clinginess, apathy, or manipulation. 

In Regards to Love: 

Eleven sees his or her partner in an idealized way. They look for and find things to value in some people, even if it’s not there. 

Eleven has a tendency to be selfless and attentive in many relationships. 

Elevens work hard to maintain their love relationships and their friendships. 

Elevens are open-minded and accommodating, so compromise is something at which they are practiced.

I am not a psychic nor am I into zodiacs or astrology, but I thought this was kinda cute. #eleven #mydestiny #90days #ultimatums #thepoetryjournal