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From IAH to SDQ

Trip No. 10

Dominican Republic ~ When I am there I feel free. Flying into the capital (Santo Domingo) and a two hour scenic drive to a Romantic beachfront property in Uvero Alto and then back to the capital… Lord, I’m so in love!

You don’t want me to acknowledge the pain.

You only want me to acknowledge the good again.

I understand

Now that I’ve turned my back to you, I know you’re hurting too, but what are you teaching me?

Not to be blue?

Just as you think of me daily, the consequences of your actions reminds me daily not to let you back in until you can acknowledge the pain I’m in!

What you’ve learned to accept in your culture may not be ok in mine. If you can’t live without me, then you have to confess that what you feel is true.

Which is… You can’t be without me and you don’t want to be blue!

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Air BnB: A great choice

I was invited to the Dominican Republic to attend a wedding almost two years ago.  It was my very first time in that country. 

The resort was huge, scenic and had a great beach.  The people were over zealous to assist us with anything we needed and there was plenty of activities to do.  You can tell by this picture I was a little nervous about being away from home, out of my country on a wedding “date.” 

Luxurious I know, but here’s why I adapted to an Air BnB for my next trip.

  1. AFFORDABLE ~ I found a few Air BnBs to be within a reasonable budget and this allowed me to save money without having to pay an all-inclusive price.  
  2. PRIVACY ~ I usually look for the entire home to stay in, this gives me full access to all amenities without sharing my space with others.  
  3. PERSONABLE ~ I have the privilege to choose my own style, location, and host based on the reviews from other guests who have rented there before.  I do not feel like I am competing with thousands of other tourists for personal attention.  I know I am spoiled and need lots of attention.
  4. LOCATION ~ Location is everything when I plan my vacation.  I prefer to be right on the beach or within close proximity.  AirBnB gives me plenty of options to choose from.  Local eateries, fruit stands, and shopping is imperative and accessible.  If you’re lucky you can still get access to resorts.  This is a bonus. 
  5. EXPERIENCE ~ Lastly, I had an opportunity to experience the DR like a native, cool breezes with open doors, fascinating views right from your balcony, and talking to the neighbors who live close to where I was staying. That personal touch of Art in each home.  Ahhhh…Those DR🇩🇴Memories

You can travel too even if you are on a tight budget.  

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