Thank you President Obama

Thank you President Obama and Michelle for walking in your destiny to lead our country. You two have inspired us to believe in each other and to invest in our youth. You have showed us that we are America and working hard can bring great change to those in need. 

You exemplified dignity and integrity for not only the African American race but for all races. Your leadership and your legacy will be remembered for generations.  You came in and got the job done. I wish you farewell and I hope to meet you one day. 

Thank you. 



I Dare U…

I dare you to dream of anything.  A new car,  a vacation,  a marriage,  a baby,  a new best friend.

I dare you to dream of anywhere.  Anguilla, a coffee shop, a thrift store, a warm place to sleep.

I dare you to dream of anyone.  A dad, a mom, a grandparent, a cousin, a teacher, a pet.

I dare you…  Just dream… Go!


Don’t forget the Lessons you’ve Learned

Life is a lesson and it teaches us important things that our educators couldn’t teach us. 

For example, when a loved one suddenly passes through death, life steps in and guides you every step of the way.  The sudden passing of a person very close to you may cause you to develop feelings of failure.  

These same feelings of failure can also be present in relationships. Maybe you lied too many times. Maybe you cheated, or maybe you were not that interested, but you pretended to be just for your own selfish gain.  As a result, you failed. You failed yourself and others. 

Life’s lessons allows you to search deep within yourself to be able to say, “I know how to handle this the right way today. I got this.”

When life comes with opportunities full of adventure and adversity, don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned in your past relationships. Step into your own destiny of making it right for yourself first.  

Every lesson in life may just be a lesson learned. 
Raquel ©