Just doing it all wrong…Have I grown? Yes.

Believe it or not, I still can’t fully let go. Jumped in too fast, and tried to walk away, expressed all my love and expected him to do the same. This friendship is something I’ve never experienced before. Am I willing to go through revolving doors? What will it cost for a luv overseas; whose souls once touched and requires each other to breathe? It’s hard to believe this could be true, I’d rather accept the fantasy of being with you.

No care


Attract the Truth

“I attract truth and no negativity will penetrate my realm.  My being is whole and I feel not. Those who are in my realm are meant to be there even if its for a short time.” – Raquel Helm

Truth - 2016

My Passion Right Now?

Creative Writing.  What is the opposite of writer’s block? I don’t know the term, but I have it. I cannot stop writing. Any thought, word, deed or whatever I’m feeling, I’ll write about it. Have you tried it lately?


Think about this word for a minute. SACRIFICE: To forfeit something highly valued for the sake of one considered to have a greater value.

What have you sacrificed lately in your relationships? For me, it was shopping in order to meet the needs of my sons and staying with my sons so my husband can continue his journey to recovery. For my love, there are no regrets. What we have, I am fighting until the end.

No Regrets

For your love, there are no regrets. What we have, I am fighting until the end. Your love has never left me, therefore lonely I’m not! You fill me up with your love time and time again. My promise today, tomorrow, always and forever, my love shall be with you. I Love God, for loving You! – Inside “The Poetry Journal”