At any given moment…

At any given moment, his silence may make you feel less thought of.  Less significant in his life. When they start to stray, they won’t tell you because they don’t want to face you in the moment. 

You may go down that path of insecurities:  

  • Anxiety of “what if”
  • Fear of losing him
  • Controlling the issue
  • Demanding answers 
  • Jealous of who it might be
  • Sabotage 

If you find yourself on this path, turn inward and know you are worthy. This path will only lead you into thinking you are the problem.  

It’s not about you at all. 

What is the big reveal inside your mind? 

Good morning ☀️people. I missed blogging last night. I had to take a break. Sometimes I get in my feelings and can act a fool. 

Meditating can always bring me back to focus on the important tasks. Try it today. Let me know your progress. Write down what is being revealed to you during this process. 

 Have a blessed day. Tag someone. #meditate20 #thepoetryjournal

I know you are working hard. 

Good morning. Rise and shine like the star you are! It’s hump day, I think. Lol

I have been working hard on several writing projects since my husband passed away, almost three years ago. I didn’t know I would be here today. 

I kept thinking to myself, now what I am supposed to do?  How do I adjust to this single life, because it’s not just about me, I have teenage sons to raise. 

I started writing. I went through a love series, learning to love again and discovered to love myself even more.  

I went through the path of insecurities, learning more things about myself and interpersonal relationships with others. I also went through learning how to stand firm in restoration, and trusting God through the entire process and guess what he delivered. 

Now, I am experiencing victory in vulnerability. Yes, victory knowing that I have that inner love and inner peace and that we will be ok. 

My writing started out mediocre, but I asked for something more. I was seeking guidance to write and share my work on another level. I am still continuing to grow. 

Today, try meditating for 20 minutes and seek the answers you are longing for within. Things will be revealed to you. Good things, honesty, integrity, peace and yes more work to do. 

As you continue your work week, because I know you’re working hard, look beyond time, don’t limit yourself to complete the tasks you so desire, and fear, well that’s where the growth comes; when you face fear and say,  “you know what, I’m trying anyway. ” 

Lastly, push past negativity. Adversity and doubt will always be there lurking in the dark. 

Love you all, finish strong in the Lord. 

Raquel ©

Uncertainty in Love

There are moments in love where there is fear, because you are not sure if the other person’s intentions are true.

Be confident in love and know that you are giving the best love you have to give. 

It may not be a happily ever after love, but it is an opportunity to grow and explore the possibilities of bonding with the love in your life.

Love yourself. 


Hey there, how was your day?  I bet you had some unfinished business, but it’s ok. That can wait until tomorrow. 

Now it’s time to unwine and relax. 


Don’t think; don’t blink

You have 20 minutes 

Look for something to be revealed to you. 

Are you in Control?

You embark upon someone and the chemistry just clicks. You may give into lustful desires that you wouldn’t dare do with just any ordinary person you meet. 

Suddenly, you find yourself in situations to control things to the way they “should” be only to find out you don’t have any control at all. 

At any given moment you may experience:

 The only power you have left is to just love them anyway and thank God for the reminder.