Who knew? LOL ūüėė

You can’t fall in love with just anyone.

There has to be:

A divine intervention
A physical magnetism
An emotional tie
A genuine luv

~The Poetry Journal 2014©


This is for my youth

Give me power

Give me courage

Give me strength

Give me faith

Give me love & understanding

so I can kiss & embrace.

Give me time

Give me patience

Give me knowledge

Give me truth

Give me happiness & joy

so I can share it with my youth.


We’re Even

My love is consistent, giving and most importantly, my love is true. Take it or leave it, it’s your choice. But whatever you choose, choose wisely and let your choice be known without hidden secrets.

All I wanted was to love endlessly, but instead I loved recklessly. Insecurities consumed me because he could not love me consistently.

He said I think badly. But if you don’t talk to me regularly then how can I live freely?

You trapped me into thinking I could be happy in your fantasy. But the reality is, this will never be.

Your infinity lies within me; but without you I can still have eternity.

There are moments in love where there is fear, because you are not sure if the other person’s intentions are true. You may think of opportunities to place blame or to jeopardize the relationship because you don’t want to get hurt. You would rather be the one to end it first; not realizing you could be causing the hurt.

If I broke your heart, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to say we’re even.

The Answer is No!

Sometimes when you’re disappointed by your SO; you have to put up that brick wall and just say NO. Although deep inside you really miss them. NO calls, NO text, NO pics, NO more time for them. #thegreatdivide #standfirminrestoration #pathofinsecurities #justluvseries #thepoetryjournal #rahelmcreations‚Äč


Tell me how you feel when you look into my eyes.

Tell me how you feel when my eyes begin to cry.

Tell me how you feel when I smile in your face.

Tell me how you feel when I invade your space.

Tell me these things because they mean so much to me.

Tell me how you feel…Sentimentally.

Luv this…

Super excited to share this with you.
The artist is Ben Appleby @benappleby84.

He did an amazing job with my picture taken in the Dominican Republic by
my sister Carlia Helm, @artxhart.
I personally invite you to my blog, where I share some of my favorite things I write about: life, love and relationships.

#thepoetryjournal #rahelmcreations #justluvseries #pathofinsecurities #itsmyjourney 

My future is bright with you in it

Greetings, I received an phone call from an unknown number when I arrived¬†at¬†work today. ¬†At first, I could not recognize the voice, but after a few seconds I realized it was a good friend of mine. ¬†I sat down at my desk and we began to discuss his business plans for the week and then we moved on to his relationship matters. ¬†After a lengthy conversation, he said, ” I didn’t say she was¬†not the¬†one; I’m just not sure if she is the right one.” ¬†I replied, “Isn’t that like 50/50? ¬†He then proceeded to say, “If you would just marry me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

I was listening to him, but I also had other people behind me having a conversation. ¬†I became distracted by the dichotic listening in my space. ¬†As I began to come back to the conversation, my brain was processing his last statement. ¬†I was asking myself, did he say that to her or was it her speaking¬†to him? ¬†No, wait! ¬†I replied, were you directing that statement at me? ¬†I totally burst into laughter, because I realized how easily I am distracted by other sounds around me. ¬†Like, it just literally went over my head when I heard him say that. ¬†My response to him was, “Well if that was a proposal, then yes! ¬†I DO!” ¬†(ROFLOL) ¬†Sunday, July 24, 2016 in Costa Rica! ¬†We both laughed.

That little bit of laughter made my day; stay in the moment!  Focus!

Future is bright

This just happened 

I received this today and I accept this in my realm.

“Always remember, no matter how bad somethings are, they could always be worst and no matter how good things are there is always room for things to get better. Better is always around the corner. You are one of the best because there are so many great things about you that if you get caught up on focusing on one thing, you might miss whats most important. ~You.”~ Anonymous

My Last Day for ūüíĒ

My life experiences inspires me to build on specific goals, expectations, dreams or fantasies. I listen carefully and I can only believe what you tell me.  

But when I feel the need to sabotage, I fail.  I am not only hurting myself, but others also.  This heartbreak was deeply connected to my soul.  It gave me a feeling of anger and disappointment.  But its okay to walk away without an explanation.

It is progress to identify bad behavior and be willing to correct it. ~