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Know and Experience both

Know the church but also Experience a realationship with the Holy Trinity. 

The Lord’s Grace is Sufficient for us all. Worship in Spirit & in Truth on a deeper level. You should not always depend on the church to feed you. Your knowledge and understanding comes from within. No matter where you are in your walk, you have access to the Holy Trinity at anytime. Get there if you haven’t already and if you are there, continue to encourage others. #Faith #Hope #Love


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Yea, I thought that too..

I was married once, and I thought I had to get married again to have an abundant life, but I met someone who gives me life, and I learned a few simple lessons in love.  

It is very rare when the universe puts two people in the same space and the feeling is mutual.  

Whenever and wherever you experience this, don’t ignore it. Explore it!  

Love can be uncertain; take the risk, but protect your heart. 

Two people will never love each other the same. 

Being in love may not result in a marriage but look at it as an opportunity to live and explore the possibilities of bonding with the love of your life.
Now get out & Travel!

Learn a new language!

Teach someone your own language.  

Changing lives one day at a time. 

Raquel ©

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Movie day

Infedelity exposed is painful.  The untold secrets unfold. 

Good souls turn into bad only for the mystery of a lost love.

Described by director Adrian Lyne (“Fatal Attraction”) as “an erotic thriller about the body language of guilt.” 

When Edward (Richard Gere) innocently learns that his wife Connie (Diane Lane) has lied to him about an affair, suspicion propels him to uncover the devastating details of her infidelity. 

Tormented by the knowledge, he confronts her lover, only to discover a level of rage within himself that he could never have imagined.