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I noticed him, but I did not think he would be strong enough to sweep me off my feet. One touch, one kiss, it was total bliss. His words, his song, his big strong arms caressed me into his soul.  

I tried to resist him by turning away but he waited patiently for me to stay. But why my love? He say, “For God, why do you think so? ”

I fought inside to hide the love I have deep within my heart. Yet, he was so Amazing to me.  He is patient & calm, confident, fun, loving, & passionate. 

 He is Love. 

Love became more complicated as we thought about moving to another level.  Visiting Visas, no. Fiancé, no. Let’s just keep this under the covers.  Besides, we are still lovers.  And time moves on.  

We communicate daily, but it’s pressure here lately knowing we can’t keep going back and forth.  We question each other’s love for sure.  We are not perfect.  

All of this, what we have, can change in an instant as soon as his visa gets approved by another lover and off he goes to be free.  Then I can be free because that Visa thing is not for me and I know that my love ain’t enough to cure your desire to be free. 

Now that you’re approved, go fly my friend and find that freedom you’ve been working so hard to see. 

And my freedom, well it’s just knowing that I don’t have to be tied down to be with you and so many others.  

As I went about my day, thinking of you and the fun times we shared.  I put on my hat, detoxed you out of my soul, had lunch with an friend from the past and pampered myself a bit.  I was celebrating freedom with you mi amor.

On your journey today I was sure you made your way on that 7-hour flight to Spain. But now in the night, I learned you missed your flight only to discover you’re still here. With me. Mind, Body & Soul.

The Punta Cana in me…I thought I was free, but now I see: I Am still in Luv. #author #blogger #creativewriter #thepoetryjournal


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Wait for it…

I want to be, where I am supposed to be, when I am summoned to be there; to be there for that divine purpose with the one I am aligned to be with and able to explain how I got there. Part II

#author #blogger #creativewriter #thepoetryjournal


From Sunrise to Sunset

A sunrise could be something that is very uplifting to you. A new romantic encounter, a new idea, or a newborn baby. 

This sunrise brings light into your situation and provides a ray of hope and inspiration, a tingling inclination of love, a burst of entrepreneurship or a new responsibility and with all of that you may experience happiness, bliss, and success.  

Then when the sun sets, the lights will be dim, the love fades, the ideas are not producing the results you expected and the newborn cries all the time.  

Do not give up on the fact that tomorrow the sun will rise again and the opportunity for the light to shine in you will come daily.  

Keep living and keep striving to get the results you desire.  

For every sunrise, there will be a sunset. 

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Cause & Effect

Jumped in too fast and tried to walk away, expressed all your love and expected them to do the same.

Now you may ask yourself, what are we doing nowadays? Are we dating or just friends? And if you’re not sure, just pick one, the safest one for sure.  

At any given moment you may experience being Moody, Excited, Fearful, Loving, having Doubt, Joy, Hurt, Romantic, Broken, Adventurous, Confused, Euphoric, Vulnerable, Optimistic, High, Obsessed, Fulfilled, Addicted, Lucky, Mad, Blessed, Embarrassed, Peaceful, yet UnProtected.

Lies can bring anger and you don’t want to push those buttons. Stand in your truth or walk away with your lies.

Keep it real or 💯 so assumptions are not made to create fear (false events appearing real).

If they are the cause of any insecurities, they will feel the effects of your wrath.  

Address your insecurities without regret but in a way they won’t forget. 

#Hopeless Romantic 
#Dominican Fantasy
Soul Ties are Real
#People have motives
#Everything happens for a reason

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Tricky: Random Post

New Topic: How to be intimate, but not in love.  

Idk, I haven’t figured it out yet. Only to find out that you’re not in love even when you think you’re in love. 
Who can define true love? If it’s not true love, is it hate?  

So now you’re being intimate with someone you thought you were in love with, but you’re not really in love, only to find out you were doing the opposite of love and that’s hate. Tricky.