Pampered and Twisted

While I was out running my errands on a beautiful winter (which felt like summer) Saturday in Houston, I stumbled upon this professional boutique for natural hair care. This place, Pampered & Twisted caught my eye with the delicate design and when I walked into the boutique, I felt pampered already. Very professional and meticulously designed. I went straight for the Shea butter, which I adore. Thank you. 

Pampered & Twisted is Houston’s premier, all natural & organic, beauty supply boutique ~ Featuring luxury, hand-crafted beauty brands.  There’s plenty of brands to suit your liking. 

Offering two locations in Houston and Pearland, this boutique is has much more to offer than just organic products, you should definitely stop by and explore them for yourself and be pampered. 

The B.O.D.

You may not know the true intentions or motives of a person on that first encounter. The lines of communication may be a little difficult at first. There could be a language barrier or a simple preference of style of what you are used to. 

You should just give it a little time. Explore the friendship. Release your expectations and stand on the other side of your guarded walls. Listen, and be funny. We only want to enjoy each other’s company. Things will begin to click, you’ll see. 

All of a sudden, the enemy steps in and the energy begins to change things. Our perceptions on the way we communicate or how things were said are taken totally out of context. Emotions start to stir up inside and you wonder why? Is it worth it?  
Can you two co-exist in the same conversations or in the same space without a frown or sigh? 

Give them the Benefit of the Doubt and let them live in their own skin. No judgement, no offense – just two people who co-exist. 

Thank you

Good morning. If you have been following me and reading my blogs, I want to personally thank you for your support. I am praying for your well being and hope to deliver more content that will inspire and entertain you. Heart felt thanks to everyone. ❤️ #thepoetryjournal 

Photo credit: @artbyhart

Artist: @benapplebyartist 

No motives, just give

Happiness is that place to give without expecting anything in return. Suddenly the release allows you to experience a peace within. Gifts that you sowed into someone else’s life began to bear the most beautiful fruit. God is so amazing with his love. Get you some. #thepoetryjournal 

I think about us

He’s probably not thinking about today was the day we met, but I am.  This encounter was a learning experience, not only in love, but practical life applications in relationships. Feliz año. 

I learned:  

  • to give without expecting anything in return
  • to accept other cultures, but also to express my own beliefs
  • to face fear with a victory in mind
  • to have faith, even though I had doubt
  • to pour my heart out to God in all situations and pray for others
  • if no one stood with me, I would still be able to stand on my own
  • not to be controlling and demanding
  • how to Fast & Pray
  • how to travel overseas
  • little bit of Spanish
  • how to be transparent
  • that it’s not that important to get involved in other people’s affairs
  • people will never love each other the same way
  • not to assume, but to be cautious about how you confront someone
  • what it feels like to be controlled by another person
  • to feel all emotions and accept the roles I played
  • to be confident in love even through adversity 

He was the perfect stranger and now someone I can call a friend. 

Gracias, mi amor.