South Beach MIA

I am excited to learn more about Miami’s history. This hotel was my #1 pick mainly because of its recent renovations, the Art Deco design, room size, amenities and SoBe location.

The Fairwind has a history dated back to the 1930’s. L. Murray Dixon, an architect born in 1901, is credited for designing more than 10 hotels and residences in South Beach. The Fairwind has preserved some of Dixon’s work with the opulence and fun of the bygone era.

Soon I will be able to see it for myself and capture some great photos to share with you soon.



I don’t know what kind of life I was dealt. Young vibrant woman seeking a career with the FBI; but chose to settle down with my crush from high school, working in the non profit religious sector. Now 20 years later, a widow raising three teenage sons and looking at 15 years from retirement! Where did the time go? Along with my retirement?

Doesn’t sound like a lifestyle of the rich and famous! If you’re not rich and famous, (that is) hopefully you can save enough for retirement to live like one!

Lord, I am not complaining, but someone needs to hear this.

Financial advisors are experts to help you plan for a retirement income. They can use statistics, income trends, and inflation to come up with an ideal figure that you should be able to live off of when you retire and if you follow this plan, it can be accomplished.

Then life happens…

You may start off with a job you probably really didn’t want, but was super excited to make your own money and to spend that hard earned money the way you imagined it.

This job will probably be minimum wage or if you’re lucky above minimum wage and it may also include benefits.

If you’re expecting to attend college and obtain at least a bachelors degree, you could be looking at a better opportunity for a decent job with a competitive starting salary.

Once you find that dream job of yours and if you’re concerned about retirement; (in which at a young age you’re probably not) one benefit you want to look for is a retirement plan that will help you reach your goals. Not only through financial literacy, but with some type of matching contribution or if not a matching contribution, hopefully some small percentage of a joint effort from your employer. This is the main reason it’s considered a benefit! A small contribution is better than none! As they say, No Contribution is too Small!

Ask, Ask and Ask more questions. Do your research; start saving and investing today for a happy retirement.

Make sure you include your beneficiaries just in case you don’t live to see retirement; but based on your choices you will make, most likely you will!

Power To Answer the Call

A lot of people believe that it’s NYE, but in real time the New Year started in September. As we prepare to think we are beginning something new to celebrate, we should be mindful of what’s true.


I had a great year of excitement and disappointments. I am always discovering something new about myself. Never knew I was an Empath and with knowing that, now I understand why I am so sensitive to many people, places and things.

But with adversity comes an incredible learning experience to build up my faith to continue through life. The ability to set boundaries and to make decisions that’s best for my life. The opportunity to get closer to a higher power to understand it all. The power to answer the call.

I was able to travel to the Dominican Republic on four different occasions.

I got engaged and planned to marry, but that didn’t work out as I had planned.

I celebrated my 50th birthday in California with my best friends.

My first born son graduated from high school.

I sold my house and decided to reduce my expenses and certain privileges to survive. Many sacrifices I’ve made for me and my sons to have a good life and to be content. Oh how I wish my life could be more close to perfection.

What did I learn from my life experiences, when things didn’t go right for me?

That’s my reflection.

What did I learn and what will be different for me in 2019? Will I have the power to answer the call?

What are you healing from?

I need to get my life together. I mix things up all the time. Perhaps I have a hard time separating from between the two. I like to write and I like to travel, but who has the time to manage 3-4 pages on social media?

So, forgive me if I switch back and forth from my quotes to my travel experiences.

If I am traveling somewhere, local or abroad, and I can identify the beauty in it, I will capture it.

But I also love to write about feelings and thoughts that occupy the mind daily.

So today, I want to ask you. “What are you healing from?”




Death of a loved one





Domestic violence

Mental abuse

Spiritual abuse




Apparently the list goes on and on, but today, identify if you can, what is it that you are healing from or what is it that you need healing from and begin to work on yourself. Sometimes you have to lean on the strength of others to be the strength for someone else.



I started my blog in March 2016 because I am passionate about writing. I took something from my everyday life experiences and I begin to write them out here and I must say, I have had some interesting life experiences.

From travel to romance to trying to fulfill fantasies, I wrote them all here in my blog!

I will continue my writing because its what I love to do and its where I find my freedom. Writing is an outlet for me to write about what I feel and how I experience different things.

If you have not subscribed to my blog, please follow me now and share my blog with your friends. It’s a community of men and women growing together to be better.

What do you like to write about?

Tell me some of the topics you would like for me to write about.

I am open to any dialogue. I appreciate all the feedback you leave with me.

I am working on some new opportunities for 2019, it takes hard work and dedication to commit to new projects. When you are raising teenagers and working full time, my day does not allow me to come here and blog about my day, but I need your encouragement and your feedback to help me grow daily!

I hope your year was as eventful as mine. I’ll meet you back here soon!

Luv, Quél

Gotta Love Love

You gotta Love! Even when you know you shouldn’t go there, but you explore it anyway. I got lucky 🍀

Looking back on what my life was like four years ago. Traveling overseas to be myself. Traveling by myself.

I’m grateful for the protection I had through that journey.

Being exposed to a culture with different morals, how did I manage to keep mine? It was a fight, a struggle.

I knew what I was exposing myself to. Yet I still took a chance, a stance on their level.

My secret weapon he did not see, was the victory in me and in my heaven.

That’s why it is good to stick close to what you know, even though they may try to convince you that you can conform to their standards.

Not to say that my standards are any better, but I know what I can and cannot handle and cheating is not in my weather forecast. I’ve been through some storms, but baby boy, right now you’re not the one.

Move on before your feelings get hurt even further!

Gracias a Dios