What’s Your Perception of Perfection?

It’s almost that time again to create a New Year’s resolution for 2019! I’m sure you met all of your goals you set for this year!

If you didn’t meet all of your goals, was your perception of perfection affected?

Life has its way of creating new trials. Just when you think you have mastered one task, another one pops up.

Self discipline and self realization helps you to balance your most brightest days commingled with your toughest days.

We all want and strive for a level of perfection that keeps us relevant in our many different endeavors whether it’s entrepreneurship, in the workplace, at school or in our homes.

If we don’t reach that level of perfection, sometimes we fail.

When we can step out of our perceptions of being perfect and accept the realization that things change, and we fail, we can begin to truly heal from our past experiences and failures!

If you live another day, that means another opportunity to succeed!


Tips to Overcome Cold and Flu Season

By Raquél Helm

Your body is your temple and you only have one life to live. You might as well live it to your fullest potential. As winter approaches, there are many ways to stay healthy during this cold and flu season. You are your best advocate for your health, so stay informed on how to build up your immune system to be able to live the best life you want to live.

Here are a few tips to overcome flu season:

  1. Eat something raw everyday. You can start with any type of nuts such as almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds. Of course fruit is always good to eat in the morning. Try to skip biscuits and pancakes and go for something raw to start your day.
  2. Drink your veggies. If you don’t like chewing on raw veggies, there are many ways you can blend them in a juice or smoothie. Stop by your grocery store or your favorite smoothie shop. Go green!
  3. Keep your nasal airways clean by using a neti or a nasal spray. Viruses can be airborne and flow through your nasal cavity and start sinus infections. Try to avoid antihistamines, but make sure you keep plenty of tissue with you.
  4. Inhale essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender. These oils can help to open up congestion as a holistic approach to healing.
  5. Lemons and limes are packed with Vitamin C. Squeeze any of the two in hot water and sip on this to help build up your immune system. Add honey for a little flavor. Avoid adding sugar.
  6. Sugar detox. Try to avoid all sugary drinks and foods until you begin to feel better. Your body will appreciate your efforts.
  7. If you feel the need to fast, allow your body to skip a meal and decide what time of day is it best for you to fast.

That sounds easy right? The best way to incorporate new ideas that is beneficial to your temple is to practice them daily, until it becomes routine. Your temple, will appreciate the love you give and your temple will reward you later.

*This article is not intended to prevent or cure any illness or disease. Please check with your doctor to make sure your dietary changes are right for you. Know the difference between a virus and a bacteria infection.

Stay warm and stay blessed!

In Love

Love with good intentions.

Even when you have doubt and you have a hard time trusting, love them anyway. Love with the intent that they may never love you the same way, but don’t take it personally.

Love is a choice and when you are faced with choosing to love someone, you will know. After you’ve loved (with or without boundaries) and you choose to leave that love, leave knowing that your love did not fail, because you chose to love with good intentions.

Even though we may sometimes fail in love, Love never fails us. Things can be going good, but when the flames go out, we find a way to ignite them again. Isn’t that what love is about? To keep finding your way in and out of love.

~Raquél H.


I am so happy to see more people working and branding their own ideas and walking in their purpose with the support of their community. Check out Houston’s own QueenLyfe started by Candace Strother.

QueenLyfe is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote financial literacy, creative expression, healthy relationships, mentorship and civic engagement through their workshops and events for multi-cultural women of all ages.

One initiative I’ve been able to participate in is the Mental Wellness Walk. The group meets at 8am and are introduced with warm greetings. A short warmup and stretch exercise is done before 2 1/2 mile walk around Hermann Park!

In addition, there is a guest speaker to pour life into your spirit to discuss mental wellness and how you can apply tools to your life to help you maintain a good mental state of mind.

It’s a great time to connect with other women and talk it out while you walk.

Connect with yourself and join their last Mental Wellness Walk for this season. Saturday, October 20, 2018 8am.

To learn more on how you can support QueenLyfe, visit their website below!

“Love Yourself First Everyday”



This trip to Punta Cana was a mission trip and I am not talking about helping underserved children and families, but on a mission to marry the man I loved. I don’t want to go into full details yet about that, I’ll save that for another good juicy blog. Most importantly, I want to share with you this Air BnB I stayed at during my five day stay in the Dominican Republic.

This new property called Lake Village has approximately 12 Condominiums located in a gated community called Cocotal. It is a 15 minute drive from Punta Cana airport and is located within minutes of a shopping mall and a grocery store. Free parking and spectacular views!

My favorite part was the long lap pool overlooking the golf course and the birds chirping in the morning. Look at this view I took from my bedroom as the sun was rising! God Is Amazing!

I am so in love with this place! Everywhere in Punta Cana I can find something spectacular!

This condo had two bedrooms with a split floor plan. The Master Bedroom had a small balcony with sliding glass doors with a screen to keep the bugs out! Awesome views right?

Also en-suite bathrooms with contemporary finishes. Just remember not to flush toilet paper down the toilet.

There’s natural lighting in the bathroom suites which gives it that spa ambiance. It’s just a smaller space to work with.

Then there’s the living room, dining room and kitchen that allowed enough space for cooking and entertaining a few guests.

It was just a good relaxing time with friends despite all the drama that was going on.

Right outside the patio, there’s a pool that we had all to ourselves.

There’s just so much to do in Punta Cana. I never have enough time to explore everything, I guess that’s why I keep going back. This is my happy place.

Inside Cocotal Residential Community, there’s also a convenient store and a restaurant called Balicana that’s within walking distance from the condo.

There always fun times in Punta Cana! If you haven’t gone, follow my Instagram page @haute50travel or my friend’s page @tripwithshan ~ you’re guaranteed to have a adventurous time.

Thanks for following my blog. There’s more of Punta Cana to explore!

Love Doesn’t Cheat on You!

Look closely at this picture. What do you see?

A woman with a pretty face, dressed in red, white and blue, representing a culture of truth that Love doesn’t cheat on you!

I’m traveling back and forth trying to embrace the exploration of a love affair overseas, and in doing so, I stumbled upon another culture of truth that Dominican men will love you, but they will cheat on you!

(*My source remains anonymous)

I know I should not generalize or stereotype all Dominican men into this stigma, but I’m solely referring to mine.

3 years of long distance dating, we are both trying to figure out how we can be together in one country. I kept wanting to give up because the fight was too long suffering. It was hard for us to trust what each other was doing from day-to-day. Not to mention the cultural differences and language barriers that added more challenges to the relationship. Visitors visas, fiancé visas, spousal visas… which one were we to choose? Walking away from him, I had nothing to lose, but love. All the empath wanted was love.

He led me to believe he loved me and that he wanted us to be together, but what he failed to tell me that cheating is normal.

I don’t know if I believe if he thinks cheating is normal; who can believe anything like that? Who would accept anything like that? Did he really expect me to be that wife? Here is where we disconnect. I know that in my country, cheating is not acceptable. I wanted to make that very clear to him. I did not want a cheating husband.

Being the woman that I am, I had to acknowledge the fact that this will not be my new normal. I decided to sabotage that!

I went through his cellular phone and I discovered many conversations he had with other women. I confronted him and I told him that I could not marry him like this. I took the initiative to contact a few of his women. I knew he wouldn’t like that! They all went back and told him I did that! He thought it was a crime! Yet in fact, the idea that he thought I was going to marry him knowing all the facts, and tried to turn the blame on me, what a narcissistic act!

I’m very proud of myself for standing up for what I believe in. I quickly decided I was not not settling for that.

My trip to Punta Cana was good although, we did not get married. We have learned that we have different cultural morals and values. We tried to make it work, but it’s not. He has a strong personality, but a lack of understanding for my culture. I understand his, but I’m not willing to sacrifice nothing for what I believe I should have or deserve. I release you from my soul, Narcissist Unknown!

Although our countries represent the red, white and blue, we can not always assume that both cultures will embrace the fact that Love Doesn’t Cheat on You!

Peaceful goodbye Punta Cana!



I AM a Woman

I AM a Mother

I AM a Daughter

I AM a Sister

I AM a Christian

I AM an Author

I AM….50!

Turning 50 in July, I have realized that my list continues to grow on who I AM or who I have become to be. I can truly say, I AM Grateful.

I wasn’t planning to celebrate my 50th birthday, until one of my girls decided I should.

Travel is always a good way to celebrate a milestone, therefore I chose Los Angeles, California.

Palm Trees, Mountain Breeze, and the food deliciously yummy.

Arriving at LAX, with two of my friends, we chose a nice Air BnB Plus contemporary Spanish style house in mid city Los Angeles. This place was perfect for a girls trip for three. With two bedrooms, full kitchen, front porch and a serene back courtyard, we had all of the amenities we needed.

After we checked into the Air BnB, we decided to get out for a bite to eat. We had a full list of eateries on our itinerary. We had to check out Te’Kila! Omg, I fell in love with their lime wings!

After dinner we walked the boulevard until we ran into a roadblock where they were filming a movie. Yep, this is Hollywood! Lol

It was my bright idea to attend the taping for a talk show, which had us to start our day very early. We were told the traffic is LA was horrible. We were somewhat prepared.

Guess which Talk Show we went to!

This was a long process to attend the taping for this show. We discovered that the people who live in LA actually attend those tapings on a regular basis. I found that to be very interesting. The giveaway was a $200 gift card from Franne Golde, which actually turned out to be a nice gift.

That was Day 1 in LA. Stay tuned for more shenanigans on how I celebrated turning 50 with my friends.