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Post Hurricane Harvey… I know I keep mentioning post Hurricane Harvey, but I have not fully let go or forgotten what my city, family and friends have endured.

I was led to leave social media for a week or two and now I am trying hard to fast and pray my way through. I have seen so many people who are still in need and I feel so helpless. I am continuing to pray that the Lord meets their needs physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Praying for Puerto Rico

In the midst of all of that, I am reminded that I am an author, a poet, and a creative writer. I also self published and released my 2nd book called The Love Experience.

A very close friend of mine shared my book with his coworkers and he text me this today.

“My coworker is shaking her head and asking if this is about her, while reading your book. She said she had to go back and read the passage twice.”

She was reading …

Chapter Five ~ Wanderlust

She had a strong desire to travel. She could have gone anywhere in the world, but she didn’t. She wanted his world.

I have put my desires behind me now, but I do not think I will give up on being an author. I am preparing for my next book signing Saturday, October 14th from 12 noon – 3:00 pm at Half Price Books/ Sugarland.

Miss you all. See you around.

Oh and by the way, my book is available on


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Lord you are honorable. Thank you for your gift of salvation. During this time of repentance, have mercy upon us.

I left my social media lifestyle to spend more valuable time to reflect on God’s glory. Repenting from spending too much time on the web instead of Jesus.

Post Hurricane Harvey, I have witnessed several close friends and family that said, I survived.

But it wasn’t just us that was severely impacted by these hurricanes. The Caribbean’s are also in great need of assistance. Mexico suffered a major earthquake and they are still on a rescue mission looking for their loved ones who may have lost their lives.

Stay close to the Almighty One. The Alpha and the Omega.


A Love Overseas

I don’t like waiting. Most of the time I like to get what I want, when I want it and if I don’t get it when I want it, somedays I want to give up on even wanting it anymore.

Does love endure long suffering? Does love have a reward or does love just love?

Distance separates lust from love, but what happens when you love to lust for the one you love?

Besos mami

Aguanta hasta febrero

Para hacerte el amor como un loco furioso

Overseas, it’s hard to see this love lasting endlessly. I don’t know if this wait is what it’s supposed to be. I’m sorry to give up on a love overseas. I give up ~ Lo Siento