It’s Time to Request PTO!

Administrative Professionals

Spend the day with your Boss on April 22nd, but on April 23, 2020, tell your boss you’re going on Vacation!

Plan the Dream Vacation you deserve and have worked all year for! With low deposits and payment plans available, I can help you achieve your Dream Vacation.

Choose from 5* Hotels with Unlimited Luxury Privileges, All~Inclusive, All Adults…

Don’t forget to plan your day time adventures and your Spa & Wellness packages too!

So think about it! Dream About It! And Save the Dates!

For Booking: Click the link and complete the Vacation Request Quote!

For more information on how to start planning, contact me I’ll show you how.

Racquel H.


Experience Royalty at a Great Rate!

Experience All-In Luxury® at Royalton Resorts.

Book a flight + hotel package at Royalton Luxury Resorts of three nights or more, and enjoy up to $600 in resort coupons.^ Use your resort coupons towards room upgrades at the time of check-in, wine purchases, and the Royal Spa. Amount of the resort coupons varies depending on the room category booked.

With 5 different luxurious brands to chose from, Royalton Luxury Resorts, Hideaway at Royalton Luxury Resorts, Grand Memories Resorts, CHIC Punta Cana, and Planet Hollywood Resorts have become the Caribbean’s fastest growing resort group. These brands specialize in delivering high quality vacation experiences in tropical beachfront settings throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. Their diverse portfolio with Funjet Vacations caters to a range of budgets and vacation interests from adult-only elegant and sophisticated to fun-filled friends and family holidays.


DESTINATIONS: Montego Bay, Punta Cana, Riviera Maya

TRAVEL DATES: Now- 12/31/19

BOOKING DATES: Now- 12/31/19

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I am looking for someone to join my team as a travel professional. If you know how to travel, it could be you!

Suppliers rely on Travel Agents to showcase their properties, whether its hotels, cruises or special adventures. Consumers rely on Travel Agents to find them exactly what they have been dreaming of.

Looking for innovative people who have great ideas to transform the way we travel!

If this is you, join me now and let’s see how far we can travel.

Click here to learn more about the opportunity!

Email me if you’re interested. Serious inquiries only.


Trust the Process

Where ever you desire to go to be inspired, I can get you there.

I am a travel agent, exploring the Hospitality & Tourism Industry.

There’s more to travel than just your destination. There’s luxury in every where you go.

There’s adventure in everything you do. There’s relaxation in every destination. Where do you want to go?

Travel starts with a dream, and then there’s a plan, next you can compare your options and the best part of planning is choosing where you want to travel.

Choose to dream today and let’s make it happen.

I never used a travel agent because I felt as if no one could envision my dream and I would not be able to interpret my dream to the agent, nor could I trust them enough to grasp my dream to turn it into a reality. I trusted myself to dream, plan, book, travel and to share my experience.

Now that I have gained some experience in travel, I am embarking on a mission to become your travel agent.

To build relationships so that people can trust me with their dream vacations and to allow me to help make memorable moments that will inspire others to dream, plan and travel!

Please visit my website and you can contact me for any destination questions or upcoming travel deals. Hope to hear from you soon. See you around the world!

If you’re interested in becoming a travel agent, I have an opportunity for you also.

Thank you

To Be Continued….

A lot has happened since I’ve been here. Things untold and unseen. Answers still unanswered or ignored.

Or am I bored…

I’ve been to Miami, Jamaica, Georgia, back to the Dominican Republic and Playa Del Carmen, MX. Wow! This year is not even over yet.

I’m blessed right? Even though I can’t sleep at night, I’m blessed.

I’m grateful too, even though I gave up too much, I’m still grateful right? Yes!

I’m rich, even though I chose not to bring the man I love to my country because I can’t afford it, but I’m rich, right? Of course…

I’m a traveler too, although I’ve never been to Europe, I am still a traveler, right?

Sure, why not!

I’m happy right? Even though I can’t sleep at night… I am happy!

I am patient right? Waiting and waiting for that man to treat me right… I’ve been here before. I know what this feels like. Waiting….

Yet enjoying the days with my favs, family and sons!

Am I the only one who analyzes the feelings we agonize when we suffer for the love we desire? The love we know we can’t live without!

We try to stay busy so that we don’t focus too much on what’s wrong, and focus on what right and how wrong don’t exist, risk is risky, fear is not our imagination, money is not an object, space only distances us, words don’t mean anything, and on and on…

reality is … how do you feel?

This is where reality sits…

Love Is My Reality

Love Is My Escape!

The things I love to do, I must continue on, with patience, peace and happiness. My love will continue on…