Is there a victory in being vulnerable?

Going thru grief of one loss made her vulnerable; yet she was trying to maintain that good girl image, but a few minutes of pleasure had her confused and conflicted and where is she now?

Meeting him for the very first time, was very intriguing to her.  The physical attraction was immediate, but she was subtle to acknowledge how fine he was because she was in the presence of someone else and did not want to be disrespectful.  It wasn’t until his touch and his kiss that lured her into the curiosity of a fantasy.  She had that burning desire to know more about him.  This journey took her through a #Path of Insecurities.  Where is the victory in vulnerability?  She was determined to find it.


I wanted to just believe.

Encountering the chemistry of two cultures has made waves into our hearts for each other. Acknowledging that we are different, yet vowing to never let go.

Questioning the relationship can lead to Underestimating the love that is present. We expect the best and we found ourselves loving each other all over again! ~


The Power To Love

You embark upon someone and the chemistry just clicks.  You may give in to lustful desires that you wouldn’t dare do with just any ordinary person you meet.  And suddenly, you find yourself in situations to control things to the way they “should” be only to find out you don’t have any control at all.  The only power you have left is to just love them anyway.

Power to love -2016


His touch takes me to a place emotionally that reaches deep inside my heart.  His words he write every morning to me is the calm before the storm. Distance separates lust from love & creates doubt within him and me. I tug, he pulls, I walk, he rules and this goes on endlessly.  It’s manipulating ~ skillfully controlling the emotions to satisfy the desires of the heart.  Be mindful, this wears off after awhile.

Manipulating - 2016


Letting go of what was..

Identifying the events and emotions that took place. The highs, the lows, the mystery that unfolds and shifted us to another level. I drove him insane with my insecurities and became demanding of more of his attention. But when I didn’t get what I wanted from him, I acted out like a teenage child, making accusations and communicating to walk away from the insanity. He kept insisting to stay and would talk as if nothing major had happened. I can’t believe he would put up with me and my childish behavior. There is a reason for US, and I have to trust it is working for our good. I decided to let go of what was my perceptions of Lies, Deceit, & Betrayal.

Perceptions of -2016

Just doing it all wrong…Have I grown? Yes.

Believe it or not, I still can’t fully let go. Jumped in too fast, and tried to walk away, expressed all my love and expected him to do the same. This friendship is something I’ve never experienced before. Am I willing to go through revolving doors? What will it cost for a luv overseas; whose souls once touched and requires each other to breathe? It’s hard to believe this could be true, I’d rather accept the fantasy of being with you.

No care