Lie after lie after lie…

Don’t let other people’s lies penetrate your realm. Don’t own them, and don’t let them lie in the bottom of your heart. If you do, they will stay there, but you will still feel empty. #poetryjournal #pathofinsecurities #justluvseries #rahelmcreations


I Try to Love You, but I can’t

I try to reach out to you, but I can’t touch you;

I try to touch you, but I can’t feel you;

I try to feel you, but I can’t see you;

I try to see you, but I can’t talk to you.

I try to talk to you, but I can’t love you;

I try to love you, but I can’t.



Everyone is entitled to their own privacy: The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

If you make a choice to enter into someone’s realm for whatever reason or motive, be prepared that whatever you are hiding or trying to prevent someone from knowing something about you, one day it will be revealed.

Be Transparent; people will judge you anyway.


I saw this today… Lust is a Lie from the pit of hell!

Hmmm.  Lust is not a lie; lust is simply having a very strong sexual desire for someone. Everyone may have experienced this.  Its how you react to lust that makes you question yourself. Someone may have said to you, you don’t love them, what you’re feeling is Lust.

Lust is not love. It wasn’t designed to be labeled as Love.  Don’t have guilt about lust. Don’t question it. It is what it is; simply Lust.

If I Fail…

Sometimes I look at him and ask, why are you here in my life? What is your purpose to exist in my realm? I can’t get him out of my life, no matter how hard I try. This mystery I cannot explain.

And I remind myself, this has gone on too long. Surely, the veil of deceit has been washed away. The manipulation has weakened and the need for control is just a fantasy. No one on God’s green earth can master deception for such a long period of time.

Thoughts of sabotage become action. Demanding whats mine is overrated. From insecure to securely crazy.
I wish I can be just like him.

Crafty but nice, stubborn but persistent, controlling but sexy, and manipulating but attractive.
Except I’m opposite.

Sweet but jealous, loving but indecisive, exotic but revengeful, & pretty but very demanding!

Will this dream ever end my friend? Cuz I can’t see the rainbow for the clouds are so grey.

What is it that you can do for me?

Why are you here?
Y ten fe y esperanza todo saldrá bien 👍 entre nosotros~EMAV
(Translation: And have faith and hope everything will go well 👍 among us)

How can those words roll off your lips to say that; to penetrate my mind to think there’s any faith in what you do or say?

Even in my writing I drift and fade away, but one day I will carry the torch with me and say, victory so sweet with a smile on my face.

Until we meet again. Buenos noches mi amor. 💤💤💋

“The Thorn in my Rose”

Author: R. McKee

I had a rose that I cherished. This was no ordinary rose, it had passion and honor, it was celebratory and somber.

This rose had a round head and it was symmetrical across its face and down its vertical axis. It emanated from the central ovary and sat at the center of my bloom. Its petals, very finely textured and veined, overlapped and distributed themselves evenly around the central ovary, anthers and stamen. This felt so smooth and cool to my touch.Its scent was a spicy-sweet scent, nothing like the old-fashioned garden roses I’d seen before. This rose produced a more robust fragrance.

I couldn’t help but notice the thorns on this rose, but the thorns didn’t take away its beauty.

One day, while encountering the rose, its thorn cut me so deep and the pain induced by the thorn made the petals fall off, one by one.

Lust, Jealousy, Vulnerability, Fear, Self-Doubt, Lies, Manipulation, Sabotage, & Heartbreak.

After all the petals fell off, there the rose stood naked with its thorns, but no beauty to behold it’s Passion and Honor it once had.

Although the thorn in my rose disappointed me, I discovered the thorn didn’t have any power after all.  It was my insecurities.

We’re Even

My love is consistent, giving and most importantly, my love is true. Take it or leave it, it’s your choice. But whatever you choose, choose wisely and let your choice be known without hidden secrets.

All I wanted was to love endlessly, but instead I loved recklessly. Insecurities consumed me because he could not love me consistently.

He said I think badly. But if you don’t talk to me regularly then how can I live freely?

You trapped me into thinking I could be happy in your fantasy. But the reality is, this will never be.

Your infinity lies within me; but without you I can still have eternity.

There are moments in love where there is fear, because you are not sure if the other person’s intentions are true. You may think of opportunities to place blame or to jeopardize the relationship because you don’t want to get hurt. You would rather be the one to end it first; not realizing you could be causing the hurt.

If I broke your heart, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to say we’re even.

Luv this…

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my sister Carlia Helm, @artxhart.
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My Last Day for 💔

My life experiences inspires me to build on specific goals, expectations, dreams or fantasies. I listen carefully and I can only believe what you tell me.  

But when I feel the need to sabotage, I fail.  I am not only hurting myself, but others also.  This heartbreak was deeply connected to my soul.  It gave me a feeling of anger and disappointment.  But its okay to walk away without an explanation.

It is progress to identify bad behavior and be willing to correct it. ~


Officially 💔

I watched him carefully.  His words spoke eloquently enough to keep me around, but after my last visit with him, he was distracted.  Something had his attention.  

We didn’t get anything accomplished; yet I searched for the right information.  

 I knew I should’ve left him a long time ago, but I held on to the love I fantasized about everyday.  

I knew that when I played this card; there was no turning back…



She had a strong desire to travel and she could’ve gone anywhere in the world, but she didn’t.  She wanted his world.  Every three months, she manipulated her way back into his arms and when it was time to leave him, she thought she would never see him again.  She thought the fix was the last one.  She thought the wanderer in her would be done with lust…