My future is bright with you in it

Greetings, I received an phone call from an unknown number when I arrived at work today.  At first, I could not recognize the voice, but after a few seconds I realized it was a good friend of mine.  I sat down at my desk and we began to discuss his business plans for the week and then we moved on to his relationship matters.  After a lengthy conversation, he said, ” I didn’t say she was not the one; I’m just not sure if she is the right one.”  I replied, “Isn’t that like 50/50?  He then proceeded to say, “If you would just marry me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

I was listening to him, but I also had other people behind me having a conversation.  I became distracted by the dichotic listening in my space.  As I began to come back to the conversation, my brain was processing his last statement.  I was asking myself, did he say that to her or was it her speaking to him?  No, wait!  I replied, were you directing that statement at me?  I totally burst into laughter, because I realized how easily I am distracted by other sounds around me.  Like, it just literally went over my head when I heard him say that.  My response to him was, “Well if that was a proposal, then yes!  I DO!”  (ROFLOL)  Sunday, July 24, 2016 in Costa Rica!  We both laughed.

That little bit of laughter made my day; stay in the moment!  Focus!

Future is bright

This just happened 

I received this today and I accept this in my realm.

“Always remember, no matter how bad somethings are, they could always be worst and no matter how good things are there is always room for things to get better. Better is always around the corner. You are one of the best because there are so many great things about you that if you get caught up on focusing on one thing, you might miss whats most important. ~You.”~ Anonymous


Think about this word for a minute. SACRIFICE: To forfeit something highly valued for the sake of one considered to have a greater value.

What have you sacrificed lately in your relationships? For me, it was shopping in order to meet the needs of my sons and staying with my sons so my husband can continue his journey to recovery. For my love, there are no regrets. What we have, I am fighting until the end.