Be Joyful!

Be Joyful today. I know it’s hard sometimes because of what you’re going through or being exposed to others suffering. All we can do is try to be joyful.

I was catching up on the world news this past weekend and discovered that a man who was residing in Puerto Rico committed suicide. He had gone without a sufficient supply of food, clean water and electricity. The very next day after he passed away, the electricity was restored to his home.

Lord, when we are suffering from a lack of food, clean water and electricity, how long can we hold on?

FEB 20 2018, 3:26 PM ET

Suicide rates spike in Puerto Rico, five months after Maria


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The March For Our Lives took place on our nation’s capital and other states around the world to bring attention to the gun laws to prevent mass school shootings. There were some pretty impressive speeches and some peculiar things happening on that stage. This one student threw up in the middle of her speech and stated, “I just threw up and it feels great!” I didn’t know if she was nervous about speaking publicly or had a hangover!

Click here to see how she bounced back from vomiting!

On a personal note, our Family Church Fast is finally over. I probably lost five pounds so now I need to eat like 10x to gain the weight I lost. Lol God gave me a small frame. I was not trying to lose any weight but I was led to fast and pray. I have some major decisions to make and I want the Holy Trinity to lead me into making these decisions. Thy will be done. YHWH

My oldest son should be graduating this year, but has been borderline with his academic success. As a parent, I take full responsibility for his failures. Being a single mother has its full responsibility and my plate is full. One day at a time, they try to ensure me that they will get the job done. They tell me I worry too much. Ok but when it’s time to graduate and you do not make it across that stage to get your high school diploma, then who is the one going to be worried now? Get it done, son!

I received a text from my long term, overseas friend, mi novio, now currently my fiancé asking me if we are getting married in April. I am thinking to myself, why did he ask me that? I paused for a long time because I did not know how to respond to him. Only God knows the plans he has for us. It is up to us to be close enough in communion with HIM to follow his lead. I am only trying to be obedient to the call.

This entire process of trying to marry someone from another country has been challenging. I am trying to learn the correct process in how to get things done.

1. Papers Apostilled

2. Papers Translated

3. Civil Ceremony

4. Visa/Passport

5. Airline Ticket

I may try to visit the Consulate of the Dominican Republic- Houston this week. I never knew they had an office here until yesterday. Even going through this challenging process, the Lord reveals things to me little by little and bit by bit. That is why I love the Lord so much because He teaches me to depend on the guidance of the Holy Trinity. Even in something as trivial as this, despite everyone else’s turmoil and suffering, God Is Still Omnipresent! Powerful and Superior. It is His will that everyone is saved and that no one shall perish.

Turn to the Lord and Be Joyful!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Love, Quél

Holy Week

I have the privilege to partake in the presence of the Holy Spirit daily, but during certain times of the year, there’s a special time set aside for worship, adoration, giving thanks, repentance, protection, and praise. We get the opportunity to go around this room and write down our thoughts and we pour out what’s in our minds and what’s on our hearts; not only for ourselves, but for those who are suffering, persecuted and or lost. I do not take this time for granted. I’m very grateful. I’m humble. An awesome place to be. Thank you.

In the Midst of the Storm

Soon I will be forced to return to my abode in HTX and will have to face all the issues I left behind. I will be searching for that sense of normalcy, but most likely I probably won’t find it knowing I should be somewhere else in this lifetime.

I left Houston, TX because I was under a mandatory evacuation from the devastating effects of Tropical Storm Hurricane Harvey.

Even I kept hesitating on whether or not to leave my home, but when I saw how high the water was rising, I just couldn’t see myself sitting in a house waiting to be rescued. I left! #ByeHouston

I saw my window of opportunity and I got on the road.

A three hour drive to my destination was not a bad idea to escape from the catastrophic events. Flooding, power outages, shortage on bread, meat and gas. Places to eat were closing before dawn. The Mayor would place a curfew on our city for several days. People were trapped in their houses days after the hurricane hit and my friends were out in boats doing citizen rescues.

Arriving here in Austin gave me a sense of “normalcy.” We had shelter, access to food, hospitality and a peace of mind. My family was marked safe.

Austin’s culture was every bit of cordial. The people here will greet you with kindness and go above and beyond to help you with whatever you need. Whenever I mentioned I was from Houston, I felt a little bit embarrassed to admit we were victims of a “natural” disaster and was seeking refuge. I was embarrassed to say, we were displaced from our homes and my children could not go back to school and I was out of work until September 5th. The people here seemed as if they understood and they made us feel welcomed.

As we settled in, we explored the city a little bit. Going to the state Capitol, and Lake Travis. Most of the time, my family and I got a chance to relax and enjoy a sense of normalcy outside of Houston’s catastrophic events.

As we come upon this Labor Day Monday, I will be traveling back to Houston to find that sense of normalcy in a town where I was born and raised. It will be a challenge to rebuild again and to empathize with those who lost their loved ones in the flood.

I am praying for those who were affected by this tropical storm and asking God to show his glory in the midst of recovering from this storm.



I can't always focus on the loss, although certain days without him reminds me of how much I miss him. I get angry sometimes and I can be very sad. I am alone in this. That's in my head.

I gain strength on the things that make me happy; big dreams, yet small goals.

My Lord reminds me that I am not alone. It's only by HIS grace and his mercy I am still here. A Mother for her three sons.

Alone, but not alone anymore.

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The Poetry Journal

Telling white lies when my nerves are bad

There’s a new exquisite wine bar that just opened ten minutes from my place.  I tried to tell my sons a little white lie that I was going to the grocery store. Well, HEB is right next door!  What do you do when they say, “I want to go to the store too, Mom!”

Ok come on. Just drop me off at the wine bar, get the groceries and come back by and pick me up.

My nerves bad!  Lol 😂 It’s almost July!

New book release coming soon and I haven’t even set a date yet!  They better not splurge on my card at that grocery store either!!!

Until next blog!

Travel and learn a new language!

My Children 🙏🏼❤️🌹

“Wanting Greatness for your Children” 

Be fruitful and multiply to bring forth children into this thing called life. This is a great conversation piece with your significant other, prior to marriage, to identify important goals for wanting what is best for your unborn child. In my opinion, it is one of the most important decisions for the institution of marriage.

Being a parent is described as one of the greatest challenges in our lifetime, yet it can be very rewarding. Couples get excited about love, intimacy and living happily ever after, and then miraculously a child is born into this world. Children, at all ages require a great deal of attention to prepare them for what’s ahead in life. Parents must be very mindful of how we treat them, how we talk to them, how we react when they disappoint us and how we discipline them. Children require many things but discipline, dedication, commitment and love can help them get through the learning process of improving their education and building healthy relationships. Even having all of these qualities as a parent, the job can become overwhelming time and time again.  

Parents bear a huge responsibility for their child’s health, education, social life, and a spiritual foundation; however the greatest liability is feeling responsible for their failures. You may ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? What can I do to help them? Why didn’t they ask for my help? But what happens when your children fail? How does the parent and the child react to failure? If and when they fail, it can be discouraging to both the parent and the child. Both can learn and grow from these failures because it allows the child to see their mistakes and to think about ways to correct them. Take the failure and turn it into an opportunity for growth. Reinforce to the child that it is also their responsibility to take ownership of their life for their future success.  

Are you willing to make the sacrifices for your child to give them the attention they need to succeed? Will you be there when they fail and what strategies do you have for failure? There is an enormous amount of pressure wanting to see your child succeed. Think about it and move forward with their future in mind.  

My future is bright with you in it

Greetings, I received an phone call from an unknown number when I arrived at work today.  At first, I could not recognize the voice, but after a few seconds I realized it was a good friend of mine.  I sat down at my desk and we began to discuss his business plans for the week and then we moved on to his relationship matters.  After a lengthy conversation, he said, ” I didn’t say she was not the one; I’m just not sure if she is the right one.”  I replied, “Isn’t that like 50/50?  He then proceeded to say, “If you would just marry me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

I was listening to him, but I also had other people behind me having a conversation.  I became distracted by the dichotic listening in my space.  As I began to come back to the conversation, my brain was processing his last statement.  I was asking myself, did he say that to her or was it her speaking to him?  No, wait!  I replied, were you directing that statement at me?  I totally burst into laughter, because I realized how easily I am distracted by other sounds around me.  Like, it just literally went over my head when I heard him say that.  My response to him was, “Well if that was a proposal, then yes!  I DO!”  (ROFLOL)  Sunday, July 24, 2016 in Costa Rica!  We both laughed.

That little bit of laughter made my day; stay in the moment!  Focus!

Future is bright

This just happened 

I received this today and I accept this in my realm.

“Always remember, no matter how bad somethings are, they could always be worst and no matter how good things are there is always room for things to get better. Better is always around the corner. You are one of the best because there are so many great things about you that if you get caught up on focusing on one thing, you might miss whats most important. ~You.”~ Anonymous


Think about this word for a minute. SACRIFICE: To forfeit something highly valued for the sake of one considered to have a greater value.

What have you sacrificed lately in your relationships? For me, it was shopping in order to meet the needs of my sons and staying with my sons so my husband can continue his journey to recovery. For my love, there are no regrets. What we have, I am fighting until the end.