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“I am excited to start this journey to see where it takes me.”

In November 2015, I started a series of quotes called the #Justluvseries, then I went down a #pathofinsecurities, from there I decided to #standfirminrestoration and find the #victoryinvulnerability.  I started this series after I lost my husband to a sudden death.  I was in shock and I was sad. At times I was angry, experiencing depression and loneliness.   I became very vulnerable.  I didn’t realize it was vulnerability back then, but I knew to place some boundaries and rules in my life to protect my heart.  Was I looking to love again?  Yes.

I wanted an escape to fulfill a fantasy where tasteful wishes come true.  I wanted to ask for anything I wanted.  I was seeking pleasures of a true climax, but I didn’t want to question why.

I became compassionate, sympathetic and started to love others to motivate them.  I began to give without expecting anything in return, because some of my high expectations caused unnecessary anxiety when things didn’t go my way or when I felt like I wasn’t getting what I wanted in return.  Then I realized that two people may never love each other the same way and that my love cannot be measured.  You know, love can be uncertain; but I took the risk, yet trying to protect my heart.

With acceptance and hope, I started to become more transparent because people will judge you anyway.  I wanted to let go of who I thought I was supposed to be and embrace the real me.  I had inhibitions with desires and fantasies that had me pondering on where I should be in this long distance relationship and looking for certainty where it didn’t even apply.  I decided to just believe in love.

I started to inspire others to dream bigger than their current situations.  I learned that the true art of giving creates a peace within.  I began to trust the Lord in every situation and I understood that my love was sacred.  I wanted to fall in love with someone who fell in love with me.

I love this quote by Brene’ Brown, “You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.  Period.”

And with that said, although I was vulnerable, I decided I wasn’t going to let my love be influenced by misconceptions.  Within me, I had the power to love and I did just that.

Since then…I have 88 quotes, 133 posts on my blog, 759 visitors to the blog, over 2,000 views, and the best views ever was on the day I officially launched by blog on March 29, 2016.  I was just working through the process of grief, love and vulnerability and didn’t know I would have come this far.  It all started with a dream, a thought and the will to put my life back together.

Thank you for following me on this journey.  I appreciate your support.

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Punta Cana 2015

Love never fails, but we do.

Love with good intentions.  Even when you doubt that it’s true love, love them anyway.  Love with the intent that they may never love you the same way you love, but don’t take it personally.  

Love is a choice and when you are faced with choosing to love someone you will know.  After you’ve loved (with or without boundaries) and you choose to leave that love, leave knowing that your love did not fail because you chose to love with good intentions.  Even though we fell in love, Love never fails us.  

Pat yourself on the back for having the courage to love.  


Yea, I thought that too..

I was married once, and I thought I had to get married again to have an abundant life, but I met someone who gives me life, and I learned a few simple lessons in love.  

It is very rare when the universe puts two people in the same space and the feeling is mutual.  

Whenever and wherever you experience this, don’t ignore it. Explore it!  

Love can be uncertain; take the risk, but protect your heart. 

Two people will never love each other the same. 

Being in love may not result in a marriage but look at it as an opportunity to live and explore the possibilities of bonding with the love of your life.
Now get out & Travel!

Learn a new language!

Teach someone your own language.  

Changing lives one day at a time. 

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You will know 

You will know when you get there. That inclination that there’s more to life than just here and now. That force that pushes you to move forward. That door that closes behind you and you don’t want to look back. Yes, move forward and don’t look back. 

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Every year I AM blessed to be in the presence of people who have the gift of prophecy at Prayer Explosion.  Last year, this woman thanked the Lord for my destiny.  She said, Oh what a destiny!  

I AM & will always be a work in progress. I try to go where HE leads me and I will never question it. #justluvseries #thepathofinsecurities #standfirminrestoration #victoryinvulnerability #poetryjournal #HISdestiny4me