50 & Counting

Someone said to me…”You’re 50 years old, you should be further along than where you are now!”

Yes! I’m 52 years old as a matter of fact!

I grew up in a small city, my parents Carl & Joyce moved us out of Southpark before I started kindergarten. In Kindergarten, crackers and orange juice was my most memorable snack. I attended Piney Point elementary in the city and I remember walking to school with my older sister. I was in the 3rd grade. I was maybe 8 years young! My parents bought a house in Missouri City, in the suburban area and in 4th grade I hated having to make new friends, but I was able to adapt and finish high school earning my diploma, excelling in dance and math! It was real easy back in the 80’s! My most memorable experience was being on the Drill Team where we performed at all of the high school football games.

I’m 52 years old on this picture!

After high school, my parents, (still married) helped me to transition to college in Prairie View, TX! Two years later, my Dad died from lung complications. That was painful. I wanted to come home and work to help my Mom with my two younger sisters. I remember working at Furrows Lumber yard as a cashier. My mom and a cousin, Robyn helped me get my first apartment back in the city with thrift store furnishings. Thanks Mom & Robyn.

I worked, a lot. I always had a job. The Gap, Foley’s, Macy’s, Armani Exchange, 9 West, JC Penny’s , Minute Maid, Chase Bank until I finally settled in at a non-profit organization affiliated with my church home. I was only 22 years old. I started working as a receptionist, and moved to become the administrative assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer. I loved being a administrator who provided support for day-day operations for the business. Although I did not complete my accounting degree from Prairie View, I obtained my BS/BA online. I knew it was one of my skills I was passionate about and I became great at what I loved to do.

Still 50!

Married at the ripe age of 33 and gave vaginal birth to 3 sons that are now 20, 19 & 17 years old. One graduate! Still working on 2 more high school diplomas! Not to mention, my marriage lasted 14 years, which was a huge accomplishment if you ask me! I don’t care what nobody says, if you’ve never been in a marriage, you won’t understand what I’ve been through!

Widowed at 46 years old, broken down to only one income, there was some bad decisions made during my time of grief. I traveled a lot, I was Adventurous, but who was holding me accountable when my other half left me? I was so accustomed to walking that straight & narrow path of married life raising kids and working full time jobs! Death came unexpectedly, so I started to live and see things differently.

Now it’s 2020 and yes I’m 52! Working from home, still raising my youngest son who is 17 now! Apartment living, with transportation, food to eat during this pandemic, COVID19 free! Still working from home on my same salary, drive for UberEats whenever I feel like it and have maintained being a travel agent for a year! Enjoy my healthy relationships with my family and my closest friends with whom I love dearly!

I’m 52, and still counting and living life on my terms, and yes things change, some decisions in life won’t always be the right decision, but I don’t quit, and one thing I know for sure is that my God always provide for me, even when I don’t believe in myself. I have learned to surrender to my higher power and it gives me peace beyond my own understanding!

Get you some love & peace and check back with me where you’re 52 and still counting!

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