Times of Uncertainty

Inhale the hope that you survive


Inhale the love that you found inside


Inhale the thoughts that cross your mind


Don’t get disappointed now

With these times of uncertainty

If you feel uncertain, you may need to make a move. You never know, it may be to another country.

It was my birthday, but I wasn’t expecting much. I’m usually out traveling for my birthday. I miss my travel buddies.

What is there to do when you are restricted to freely move around your city with a mask on and standing at least six feet apart. Restaurants requiring mask upon entry but as soon as your food is delivered the masks come off in public.

Intentionally we are supposed to succumb to the authorities of the land, but man! We need to find our own solutions.

Some streets are deserted, which could be a great thing, it is an indication of peace in our streets, but others are not so lucky.

Portland and Atlanta had it bad. Pray for Chicago is still in his plan. Just don’t get disappointed. Even through milestones, I know it is getting hard. We are trying to hold on to our family, because our distant friendships are cut off.

What tha’ F’fff is this about? Making us lose our clout!

Now you may see a few on the plane, but nevertheless… travel and learn a new language!

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