Periods of time that passes when you encounter someone who recognizes the masses of beauty within, but others pass by in passing and may never acknowledge your being and beauty because sometimes it just won’t happen.

I made a conscious effort to not use people for monetary gains; and maybe I suffer and lack things because of that choice. I’d rather go without or try harder to get it on my own than to mislead someone into thinking I love them. I chose to be who I am; authenticated in my DNA and mysteriously articulated.

I have encountered some really great platonic friends and I value that. Where two different genders can exist without a kiss or passing innuendos of some egotistical bliss. Just exist! I wanted to share this piece written by a friend of mine. I named it Tine~Lapse.

Time~Lapse written by a friend of mine.

Ever since I first laid eyes on you I’ve been spending my days searching my soul to find the proper words to describe how you make me feel when I see your smile when I see the wisdom in your eyes every time I think of you.

With you and me there is no in between, otherwise my soul would never be at peace. I sense with you the only emotion I can expect is the pain of a broken heart, needs that go unfulfilled, a vision never seen. We are so connected ,but so distant. I fear I have not acquired the wisdom to guide me through what my heart yearns for and what my spirit tells me will take me to another level of wisdom and faith, or bring every fiber of my being to it’s knees. I look in your eyes and see ……….you just texted me. I feel I have to resolve this dilemma internally; alone; in prayer. Besides it’s the strength you worship in your other half. The strength to take you without question or fear to places in your soul that you thought you had already gone. If you could only ………..No, I am here because of who you are.

The power that comes with bearing ones soul unequivocally; knowing that is what I unconsciously, unknowingly require; without concern for self. To love unconditionally; or not. Sure that going there alone may alter all that I know I have become. But not going there from fear of what might happen destroys more than self. Embracing destiny unknown, and new experiences in love and unrelenting peace and happiness. I’d rather fail seeking our destiny. ~

Author ~D.H.

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