To Be Continued….

A lot has happened since I’ve been here. Things untold and unseen. Answers still unanswered or ignored.

Or am I bored…

I’ve been to Miami, Jamaica, Georgia, back to the Dominican Republic and Playa Del Carmen, MX. Wow! This year is not even over yet.

I’m blessed right? Even though I can’t sleep at night, I’m blessed.

I’m grateful too, even though I gave up too much, I’m still grateful right? Yes!

I’m rich, even though I chose not to bring the man I love to my country because I can’t afford it, but I’m rich, right? Of course…

I’m a traveler too, although I’ve never been to Europe, I am still a traveler, right?

Sure, why not!

I’m happy right? Even though I can’t sleep at night… I am happy!

I am patient right? Waiting and waiting for that man to treat me right… I’ve been here before. I know what this feels like. Waiting….

Yet enjoying the days with my favs, family and sons!

Am I the only one who analyzes the feelings we agonize when we suffer for the love we desire? The love we know we can’t live without!

We try to stay busy so that we don’t focus too much on what’s wrong, and focus on what right and how wrong don’t exist, risk is risky, fear is not our imagination, money is not an object, space only distances us, words don’t mean anything, and on and on…

reality is … how do you feel?

This is where reality sits…

Love Is My Reality

Love Is My Escape!

The things I love to do, I must continue on, with patience, peace and happiness. My love will continue on…

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