So Traditional

Traditional Days like these are set aside to celebrate all Mothers. This has been so “traditional” to me.

For many years, my Mother’s Day was planned, but never by me.

Then things changed and it was only me.

Not him, just me and I realized…I missed that.

But as I remember, every year I could expect that…

Sunday Church Service






But now that you’re gone, I can’t expect that. I can’t expect nothing, because you’re gone …

So today, we didn’t plan anything. I was led to ask my sons to eat this morning and the day went on as a little normal.

Kels text me and was like, let’s meet for brunch! I said we are already in route to Snooze.

Anticipated somewhat of a wait to get a table, 30-45 minutes…

Oh yeah… it’s Mother’s Day!

Kels shows up and it was early too like before 9:50 am worship service, in which I’ve mostly missed anyway since you’ve been gone…

Brunch and Cocktails were served and we rode over to Rod District. Why not go by NARs and see what’s new?

Makeup, gloss, flare, and snazz … all that Jazz! I just wanna explore a little more.

Sat down for some more fun and food. We like to eat like every 2-3 hours. Frozé, Fries Taco Burgers… c’Mon Hopdoddy, who would think to put a taco on a bun?

I’m so full thinking about all that food! Kels asks who want ice cream and I just fell to the floor!

We made a B-Line to detour but I know Kels is still somewhere moving and grooving. She’s so much fun!

These are the days when you can make your Mother smile! That’s why their so “Traditional!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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