The Gaslight

He created this crazy obsession from the very beginning. He begged her for her body and she gave it to him. She didn’t think she would ever see him again. It was not in her plans. Giving him a part of her, connected her soul with him, physically!

Next, he started texting her with love gestures several times a day, and he was very good at being consistent with this type of attention he gave her. This went on every day for four years consistently. He had her connected to him mentally.

“Good morning my love. How was your day?”

“I am fine thanks, my love. How are you?”

“Imagine my day without lights, without hot water, without gas to cook.”

“Yea sounds like a struggle. I’m sorry you have to live that way, but don’t worry it’s going to be ok. The lights will come on, some days you’ll get to experience hot showers, and if you continue to work hard enough, you’ll keep the gas light on.”

He definitely kept the gaslight on. He psychologically manipulated his way into her everyday life. Every day, it was hello my love. How was your day? She would tell him, my days are good, but some days are not as good as the others because, I can’t clearly see how I can live and love you while you are overseas. When the patterns change, and the evidence is plain, it’s hard to stay in the same place of insanity! This is senseless that you get to enjoy the pleasure of playing out your fantasies with your pursuit of exploring other women; yet I, being the advocate for love, I am in pursuit of my own monogamous love affairs, and what you have going on over there, it just does not line up with what I want! We clash!

She told him …”Trust me, I understand your need to fulfill your desires, but I just can’t answer the call! Yet you continue to draw me in with your dirty thoughts of me fulfilling yours. It’s time to let go of the thought that you can keep me under your control. You are a narcissist, and you master keeping the gaslight on to burn in your favor no matter what it cost!” The Master Manipulator ~ You Are!

“When I begin to speak up and expose you for the monster you are, you tell me you love me and that you are mine, but I know it’s not true on the level of what I want. This is not true to who I am or what I want!”

Emotionally Connected

“This is not just some misunderstanding, nor is it a case of cultural barriers, at this point I need you to acknowledge the fact that we are different and I do not want to conform to your world!”

“You have many options to choose from to fulfill the desire of your kind, so go and be free my love to fulfill the happiness that you so desire! The love that we shared with each other was only for a temporary time, and now I want to leave in peace, I leave you with love and you will be just fine.”

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