Trelawny, Jamaica

When I began to read upon the history of Jamaica, my heart wept and I didn’t want to read about it anymore.

Jamaica was a true gift and Jamaica gave me more infinite power.

Sometimes we are trapped in our minds by the souls of other people and being trapped runs very deep. Some may not be able to escape the entrapment until it’s too late.

This trip to Montego Bay freed me. This trip gave me the courage I needed to explore something new in spite of the harsh rumors I heard about Jamaica. Let’s explore what I saw together.

Booking this trip took some careful planning and extensive research because people have been touring to Jamaica for well over 50 years. In 1999, Jamaica was getting approximately 2M tourists to visit their island, but today’s statistics show twice that amount with 4.3M tourists visiting their enchanted islands of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.

Why did I choose Royalton?

Although I love authentic culture, I wanted familiarity since this was my first visit to Jamaica. I wanted modernized decor with great views at a modern price! You have to be careful when choosing Jamaica because the views are amazing and it can be very costly especially for two or more people. This is not your Cancun type of vacation. No pun intended Mexico.

In my opinion, there was no such thing as a bad view at Royalton. The architectural design was made to give everyone a great view of the resort, the pools and the ocean! No one should have to endure a a building blocking your view while on vacation. That just defeats the purpose for me! When I get to my room, I need space, relaxation and a balcony with great scenery and I need to see the sunrise and set everyday.

Here you can see this resort has two buildings that face the ocean! Your choice is not Ocean View, it’s more like how high do you want to be to see the ocean view. You can be as high as 6 stories up! If you’re lucky; get that corner spot!

But for me and my crew, I chose the swim out. I thought it would be sweet to sit out on the balcony and have our own private pool. It kinda gave it that luxurious feeling as if we were special! Actually, we were “special” ~

The SPA gave me a Restorative Glow Body Treatment and A Nourishing Facial! Be sure to take full advantage of any resort credits that is included in your vacation package. It’s well worth it.

Make sure you eat well because everything is included! When I’m on vacation in the Caribbean, I choose to eat plenty of fruit. Mainly because the fruit here in the states just don’t taste the same and the variety is slim.

We had our fair share of it all… Spicy Jerk Chicken, Smoked Lobster Tails, rice and beans, meat pies and plenty of champagne!

Do not forget to try the Bob Marley shots! At first I couldn’t get it down, but I wasn’t going to leave without trying it!

That is Kareem! He greeted us, gave us a tour, and introduced us to the Royalton Family. A big thank you to Royalton for their exquisite taste and hospitality!

Try not to feel trapped in anything, and I know it’s hard sometimes because trust me, I have been there! But if you do feel that entrapment, just travel and you will find that infinite power within you to move in another direction.

Love, Lady Quél

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