What are you healing from?

I need to get my life together. I mix things up all the time. Perhaps I have a hard time separating from between the two. I like to write and I like to travel, but who has the time to manage 3-4 pages on social media?

So, forgive me if I switch back and forth from my quotes to my travel experiences.

If I am traveling somewhere, local or abroad, and I can identify the beauty in it, I will capture it.

But I also love to write about feelings and thoughts that occupy the mind daily.

So today, I want to ask you. “What are you healing from?”




Death of a loved one





Domestic violence

Mental abuse

Spiritual abuse




Apparently the list goes on and on, but today, identify if you can, what is it that you are healing from or what is it that you need healing from and begin to work on yourself. Sometimes you have to lean on the strength of others to be the strength for someone else.


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