Gotta Love Love

You gotta Love! Even when you know you shouldn’t go there, but you explore it anyway. I got lucky 🍀

Looking back on what my life was like four years ago. Traveling overseas to be myself. Traveling by myself.

I’m grateful for the protection I had through that journey.

Being exposed to a culture with different morals, how did I manage to keep mine? It was a fight, a struggle.

I knew what I was exposing myself to. Yet I still took a chance, a stance on their level.

My secret weapon he did not see, was the victory in me and in my heaven.

That’s why it is good to stick close to what you know, even though they may try to convince you that you can conform to their standards.

Not to say that my standards are any better, but I know what I can and cannot handle and cheating is not in my weather forecast. I’ve been through some storms, but baby boy, right now you’re not the one.

Move on before your feelings get hurt even further!

Gracias a Dios

2 thoughts on “Gotta Love Love

  1. Now that’s real! It takes courage to realize and know that you should walk away. Thank you for representing us strong black women who have the courage to walk away. Love yourself. God Bless you Quel. — Missy

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