This trip to Punta Cana was a mission trip and I am not talking about helping underserved children and families, but on a mission to marry the man I loved. I don’t want to go into full details yet about that, I’ll save that for another good juicy blog. Most importantly, I want to share with you this Air BnB I stayed at during my five day stay in the Dominican Republic.

This new property called Lake Village has approximately 12 Condominiums located in a gated community called Cocotal. It is a 15 minute drive from Punta Cana airport and is located within minutes of a shopping mall and a grocery store. Free parking and spectacular views!

My favorite part was the long lap pool overlooking the golf course and the birds chirping in the morning. Look at this view I took from my bedroom as the sun was rising! God Is Amazing!

I am so in love with this place! Everywhere in Punta Cana I can find something spectacular!

This condo had two bedrooms with a split floor plan. The Master Bedroom had a small balcony with sliding glass doors with a screen to keep the bugs out! Awesome views right?

Also en-suite bathrooms with contemporary finishes. Just remember not to flush toilet paper down the toilet.

There’s natural lighting in the bathroom suites which gives it that spa ambiance. It’s just a smaller space to work with.

Then there’s the living room, dining room and kitchen that allowed enough space for cooking and entertaining a few guests.

It was just a good relaxing time with friends despite all the drama that was going on.

Right outside the patio, there’s a pool that we had all to ourselves.

There’s just so much to do in Punta Cana. I never have enough time to explore everything, I guess that’s why I keep going back. This is my happy place.

Inside Cocotal Residential Community, there’s also a convenient store and a restaurant called Balicana that’s within walking distance from the condo.

There always fun times in Punta Cana! If you haven’t gone, follow my Instagram page @haute50travel or my friend’s page @tripwithshan ~ you’re guaranteed to have a adventurous time.

Thanks for following my blog. There’s more of Punta Cana to explore!

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