I AM a Woman

I AM a Mother

I AM a Daughter

I AM a Sister

I AM a Christian

I AM an Author

I AM….50!

Turning 50 in July, I have realized that my list continues to grow on who I AM or who I have become to be. I can truly say, I AM Grateful.

I wasn’t planning to celebrate my 50th birthday, until one of my girls decided I should.

Travel is always a good way to celebrate a milestone, therefore I chose Los Angeles, California.

Palm Trees, Mountain Breeze, and the food deliciously yummy.

Arriving at LAX, with two of my friends, we chose a nice Air BnB Plus contemporary Spanish style house in mid city Los Angeles. This place was perfect for a girls trip for three. With two bedrooms, full kitchen, front porch and a serene back courtyard, we had all of the amenities we needed.

After we checked into the Air BnB, we decided to get out for a bite to eat. We had a full list of eateries on our itinerary. We had to check out Te’Kila! Omg, I fell in love with their lime wings!

After dinner we walked the boulevard until we ran into a roadblock where they were filming a movie. Yep, this is Hollywood! Lol

It was my bright idea to attend the taping for a talk show, which had us to start our day very early. We were told the traffic is LA was horrible. We were somewhat prepared.

Guess which Talk Show we went to!

This was a long process to attend the taping for this show. We discovered that the people who live in LA actually attend those tapings on a regular basis. I found that to be very interesting. The giveaway was a $200 gift card from Franne Golde, which actually turned out to be a nice gift.

That was Day 1 in LA. Stay tuned for more shenanigans on how I celebrated turning 50 with my friends.

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