Culturally Different

I have been blessed to see a small part San Juan, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. A vacation that was planned months ago. I never really knew what to expect except nice beaches, and great food.  

You never really know about anything until you’ve truly experienced it on your own terms. 

WOW! I was so accustomed to traveling to the Dominican Republic, I thought I would try something new.  Call me gullible, but I was intrigued by the culture that has been preserved by the Puerto Rican ancestors. When I walked through Old San Juan, I was amazed by many things. 

Food, art, the brick roads, the colorful paintings on the walls, the books I saw on the streets, the cafes, the people, the heritage, …the culture. 

If you are a Historian, or you have a desire to preserve the history or your country, please do so. Preserving historical events is so important for other generations and it truly touches and inspires the souls of others. 

The Poetry Journal wants to connect with you to live, love and travel on purpose! 

I know this blog is rather short, only because I have an early flight. My sister asked me during my trip if I was enjoying Puerto Rico better than the DR?  Although they are culturally different, there’s no comparison.   

“Different cultures are not to be compared, they are only here to be embraced.” ~ Raquél Helm 

The Poetry Journal 

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