Mystic Fantasies 

Late last night I rolled over in my sleep to a text notification ~ I love… lol 😂 Love what?  

My Dominican friend still in hot pursuit. Neither one of us can fully let go. Find out how crazy our love goes in my new memoir “The Love Experience” ~ 

Meeting him on the beach one day horseback riding, I trusted him with my life. Only to discover, that being in his life, was something I had never experienced before. Funny to watch that video how I didn’t want all that sand in my pretty little toes! He picked me up on his back and carried me. 😝 Kissing me and luring me to places I’d thought I’d never go…

Seven trips back and forth. Was I willing to go through revolving doors for a love overseas? 

Follow me to see how this mystic fantasy unfolds in “The Love Experience.”

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