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New Book Reviews!!! 

Thank you Shanna (@tripwithshan) for taking the time to read my new book prior to my release.  You had so many favorite chapters, I had to share them all as your favorite five!  

Find out what Shanna discovered after reading this…

“Love never fails, but we do!”

Love with good intentions. Even when you doubt that it’s true love, love them anyway. Love with the intent that they may never love you the same way you love, but don’t take it personally.

Love is a choice, and when you are faced with choosing to love someone you will know. After you’ve loved (with or without boundaries) and you choose to leave that love, leave knowing that your love did not fail, because you chose to love with good intentions. 

Even though we fall in love, love never fails us.

Shanna’s review

“I feel liberated in reading that, because we can look at a failing love as a failure, but when you love with good intentions, that love was not a failure. It is simply a love that didn’t work out and probably a lesson learned within that love. Thank you for sharing.”

Shanna’s fav five!

  1. “The Answers”~ Really cool!
  2. “Sunrise to Sunset” ~ was Amazing ~ So true and so real!
  3. “Trying to Love You” ~ Just beautiful 
  4. “International Agreement” ~I love the play on the words.  I feel you on this one!
  5. “Love never fails, but we do” ~This is real. This is honest. This is everything! 

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