Chapter Four

Ch. 4 ~ I Was Infatuated

Trying to identify the behavior behind infatuation is like trying to peel away the layers of an onion. The more you peel, the more it makes you cry. The desire to be with someone that lives miles away filtrates your mind constantly. You just can’t stop thinking about that person and you try to figure out how to get your next fix.

You know it’s not true love, but you deny yourself that it couldn’t be anything less than love because these intimate feelings between two connects you. You try to visualize their every move, but then you realize it’s impossible to keep tabs on them.

Tossing and turning thru the nights alone, and no one can measure up to this amazing person you met. You try to escape, but the universe keeps pulling you back in deeper and deeper until one day you will hit rock bottom. You will eventually let go of the rope and you find yourself sitting in darkness.

Although you are in darkness, that light of hope will still shine brightly. You have to get the strength to look up to the light and climb your way back to the surface of survival without them. Day by day, you begin to heal and slowly recover from a love cried out.  infatuation. ~

*excerpt from the upcoming release
Raquel ©

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