Say I Do! 

Who’s ready for the “Love Experience?”

The Poetry Journal – (Blog Edition) is my journey, an open book into my introverted lifestyle. This will not be a novel, but my journal. My personal writings to share with you.

The Poetry Journal wants to connect with you on a deeper level to help you identify the insecurities in your relationships.

My desire is to bring to you, my self proclaimed ebook and a limited print edition for my special followers that you will cherish and enjoy. I want to share with you my joy, pain, fear, insecurities and confidence that I have experienced in love and to give you hope that there is a victory in being vulnerable when you choose to love someone, but you have to find that victory within!

In this fun love experience, I learned it’s not about loving the other person, but most importantly, learning to love myself.

Say I Do and follow me!  I will be blogging excerpts from my upcoming self-published book!  I’m so excited. I hope you will be too.

Raquel ❤️

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