Mission Two

Well, well, well… it’s a good thing my entire stay was NOT at Los Corales. I reserved this bungalow close, but not so close to the airport and found it to be… hmmm more than I expected. 

This bungalow is a perfect fit for me. One bed, blended well with a cozy longing area facing a private pool overlooking the mysterious land. Exquisitely designed with tropical colors and wicker, tall ceilings, two showers, large outside tub, and so much more. I will never forget moments like this. 

I settled in so nicely here.  My inner being was filled up with so much gratitude. My creator allowed me to be here and experience HIS greatness and HIS mercy and HIS protection. 

There’s so much more I want to share with you but it’s time for breakfast and you know who don’t like for me to procrastinate. 😆🙏🏽🌴🇩🇴

Today we are going to try to visit Juanillo Beach but it’s gets very hot here. You have to go very early or just before sunset. 

We are not on a strict itinerary, just going in the flow of love, peace and harmony. 

Love you all!  ❤️

I’ll be back in Tha H tomorrow. 

I miss my sons! 

Peace & Blessings

Breakfast is served

#desayuno #miamor #viaje #romantico #thepoetryjournal 

10 thoughts on “Mission Two

  1. well well well, nice stated. glad you had a nice time. the pictures are very nice, just so peaceful..i can’t wait i start my adventure!!!

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  2. If you don’t mind what is the contact info to book this place. Looks like a nice bungalow. What’s the price per night. Is this a gated place with security

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      1. Great. Where can I find that talk to me link. I’m not on your blog. I just found this post via another group


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