Still grateful 

Good morning. How’s everyone doing today?  It’s been raining all night and again this morning. But let me tell you about my little journey. Travel can be tricky. I left Houston, no problems and got to ATL and had a 1 1/2 hour layover. Seems like a long time huh?  Not when you’re traveling through airports. 

I had to change over and go to another concourse. Always eat somewhere close to your gate, just in case you look up and realize your plane is boarding. So I grabbed two tacos from this place in the airport, got the notification my flight was boarding. Arrived at the gate and asked for another Delta Comfort upgrade, she replied no ma’am 😡 we don’t give complimentary upgrades!  I tarried on to the plane, dreading seat 32A!  ✈️ 

Passing by Delta Comfort seats 💺 that were empty, I couldn’t resist. Ma’am what’s your seat #?  😩 32A…. Get to the back!  I walked the long mile to the back and when I arrived on isle 32A someone was in my seat!  She politely said, do you want us to move?  (It was a window seat) I said nah! I just got escorted out of Comfort I’m good. 

No need to look over the Caribbean Sea just get me there safely.  I was trying to relax, I always keep these bare essentials for my trip. 

Delta, different from SW, United and AA offered in-flight entertainment. I finally watched the movie Moonlight. What the hell was wrong with Chi-Ron? Troubled child because his mother was an addict?  

Anyway, it was weird. Ok, after that movie I started watching “Jackie”, a movie about her life after JFK was assassinated.  The closer we got to PUJ, the plane was rocking and a lot of turbulence was going on. I was getting nauseous. I don’t know if it was because I was at the back of the plane or them darn tacos I ate. I was ready to go or I was gonna throw up everything! 

So I said all that to say. I made it here. Checked in, had a few problems with my first room but that was rectified.   Went to dinner and a movie and stayed up late listening to this ocean breeze. Still grateful though. 

Until next time… love you all. Make it a great week!  

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