What Speaks To Your Heart?

Good evening or Good morning, the world evolves around you.  I literally want to recreate this photo one day during one of my vacations.  I don’t even know where to begin to recreate this. A drone?  I don’t want it photoshopped in either!  Lol Oh well…

 If you’re traveling, safe travels.

 If you are shopping, I hope you find exactly what you’re shopping for. 

If you are relaxing, you deserve it. 

Wherever you are, let it speak to your heart. You are divine, supernatural and authentically you! Enjoy your week! 

#inlove #travel #authenticity #vacay #thepoetryjournal

2 thoughts on “What Speaks To Your Heart?

  1. good morning sunshine. always a pleasure to get my morning coffee. where ever this pic was taken, just so relaxing. i wouldn’t be on top of the water for i can’t even float..lol..to me this pic speaks to me saying no worries, just free even if for a moment!!

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