I am talking about the Low Life!

A MAN. An Adult human Male who shows the Qualities, such as Strength and Courage; a few traditional qualities that A MAN is supposed to have. ~ Merriam -Webster. 

Money is not one of them. 

I’ve had the opportunity to be in the presence of a few Good Men, therefore I know what to look for. My Grandfather, My Father, My Husband, My Brother, and a few of My Male Friends!

But today!  Having money in your pocket don’t make the Man. Money can be an added supplement to the qualities of a Man, but when money is used as a manipulator, I gotta check your motives. 

When this so called Man, tries to manipulate getting the things he want by buying a purse or a shoe or trying to wheel and deal into bargaining with a woman about giving up something that belongs to her in exchange for sexual favors, you’re not a MAN!  I can be quick to remind him. It’s always the preferred Choice of a Woman, not the Man!

I never had the desire to be controlled by a man and his money. I would rather be with a Good Poor Man than to be with a low life rich one. I’m not saying all men with money are low life men, I am referring to the ones I have been unfortunate to meet. 

You are the Low Life!  💩 

Racqi Balboa 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

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