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It is tough waiting


Many times we want to create our own destiny and follow the desires of our dreams and to live out loud what’s in our hearts. ❤️ 

Be a boss, grind, go get it if you want it! 

But it’s never too late to step back and release or surrender unto HIM, our creator, for guidance and protection. 

The war is continuously running rampant in our minds. 

Lord, I remember when you taught me to trust in you. Please forgive for not waiting. Thy will be done. 

#forgiveness #godisglorious #surrender #life #dreams #goals #heartsdesires #poetry #thepoetryjournal #traveladdictions 


Author: Raquel Helm

Author|Blogger|Creative Writer|Poet ~ Connecting you to live and love on purpose.

2 thoughts on “It is tough waiting

  1. Well said!!! Thank God for His grace and mercies which are new every morning! Lord guide us on life’s journey 🙏🏾

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