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What’s ahead for you?


I can be inspired by anything. Shonda Rhimes said, you can find an idea everywhere. My sister, Carlia, @artXhart sent me this photo she took driving as the sun was setting and I told her I was going to use her photo for one of my quotes. 

As emotional as I’ve been this week, fasting and praying being tested and tried, working and parenting, I always try to remain positive. I thought this photo was very befitting to remind me to stay focused on what’s ahead for me and my sons. 

God Is Glorious 

Have a blessed weekend! 

Love ❤️, 



Author: Raquel Helm

Author|Blogger|Creative Writer|Poet ~ Connecting you to live and love on purpose.

4 thoughts on “What’s ahead for you?

  1. it’s hard to stay focused when you have so much going on at one time that it can seem overwhelming. But I thank you for reminding me that no matter how much is surrounding, continue to keep focused and continue to ask God for strength and guidance!!

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  2. I am thankful to have a friend who is so strong. You are such a wonderful example for others to see.

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