Be a Blessing, not a burden

As authentic as this looks, it may be a case of, they got me hooked just so they can survive. 
These manipulating ways to make me stay in this boiling lava of waves. It’s crazy I say. 


Its his priority to make sure we connect daily, so I wait for his text very early in the morning. He is always there to fulfill a need. It wasn’t always like this, I remember once I had to fight for his attention. 

He understands me when I am very angry at him. I can be very mouthy, very stubborn and very prideful and truthfully he knows I don’t need him. (I am the blessing in his life)  Not budging to his manipulative ways, I can go a day without even one word from him. Him on the other hand, no way. 

Does a King ever humbles himself before his Queen? Just power and manipulation going on in this theme! Someone has to give in and its not gonna be me. 

But he’s humble because he usually gives in first, that’s how I know I win with him every time. He hates that! His ass is gonna drop me one day. 

He finds significant ways to breakdown my pride. The love I try to hide inside.  He humbles himself, because he knows he needs me and I need him too. (I am the blessing)

Metaphorically, one will suffocate without the other. I could be over exaggerating, but this is what it feels like to me. 

We fight, argue and make up as if we are married to each other, although we both know either one of us can walk away at any given moment because we never said I DO or did we, when we… Well you know. 

We argue over love, money, & respect. 

(The burden)

Love?  Yes, because he says it more than I do to get my attention. Same thing I did in the beginning, claiming to love him when love really wasn’t even the issue. 

Funny how things get all turned around after the years have gone by with our ups and downs. 

Lord, are you still here with me throughout this insanity? Pray for me. 

Balance me with a King who can’t control me and we are both the blessing in this sea of love. 

Be the blessing! 

Raquel ©

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