His Love

He captured my heart. I don’t know how he did it, but he did. He is consistent with his love and its just immeasurable. 

 He is patient and kind. 

That one of a kind ~ kinda love. 

His love I envy, because sometimes my love can be rude and self-seeking. He doesn’t overreact when I can easily make him angry. I hope he’s not counting all the times I said I would leave him and never could. 

Today we can rejoice in the truth that he loves me and our love will always protect, trust, hope and persevere. 

Love never fails, but we do. 


4 thoughts on “His Love

    1. I think we fail because of our insecurities or we want instant self gratification and when we do not get what we demand, we make assumptions that we are not loved enough based on how we feel. Love is always there, it may not be the best kind of love we expect, but I’d rather have love than hate.


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