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Family; you gotta love them anyway


This poem is from my first self published book, The Most Comfortable Love of All – The Poetry Journal its called “Chaotically”

 As I am home alone, in my place a settled home, I often think of my family living chaotically. To me is what I call it,




Is what I would feel around me.

Oh God! I used his name,

To kill the hurt and pain

I felt many times before.

Come deliver me, so I can love my 

family; yet living chaotically.

Families should build each other up; not tear each other down. What do you do when the family unit begins to break down?

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Author: Raquel Helm

Author|Blogger|Creative Writer|Poet ~ Connecting you to live and love on purpose.

4 thoughts on “Family; you gotta love them anyway

  1. So true, very thought provoking.

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  2. Nice poem. Yes you do need to keep them lifted.!9

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