Untitled Emotionally 

I was wrapped up in the monstrosity of my past, the thought of spending Valentine’s Day alone, (although I don’t  celebrate St. Valentine’s) and with this so called Grammy Award show with Beyoncé,  I didn’t take the time to blog. 

She may not have won the six out of 9, I expected her to win, but I noticed that Beyoncé never stops writing, producing, and singing. She was born to do what she does. She seems to handle that very well. She cannot be compared to no one else. That’s BEY. 🍋🐝

I can get so emotional sometimes, I don’t know why, but I can.  Certain days I don’t want to control it. I want to speak loudly to get it out of my system. I felt that outburst coming on because I can relate to the hard work and sacrifices of it all. 

Be transparent, people will JUDGE you anyway.  You ARE…You EXIST… and You HAVE… just what the world needs. Love ❤️ 

#speakout #beheard 

We can use your gifts in this world. 


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