The B.O.D.

You may not know the true intentions or motives of a person on that first encounter. The lines of communication may be a little difficult at first. There could be a language barrier or a simple preference of style of what you are used to. 

You should just give it a little time. Explore the friendship. Release your expectations and stand on the other side of your guarded walls. Listen, and be funny. We only want to enjoy each other’s company. Things will begin to click, you’ll see. 

All of a sudden, the enemy steps in and the energy begins to change things. Our perceptions on the way we communicate or how things were said are taken totally out of context. Emotions start to stir up inside and you wonder why? Is it worth it?  
Can you two co-exist in the same conversations or in the same space without a frown or sigh? 

Give them the Benefit of the Doubt and let them live in their own skin. No judgement, no offense – just two people who co-exist. 

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