I think about us

He’s probably not thinking about today was the day we met, but I am.  This encounter was a learning experience, not only in love, but practical life applications in relationships. Feliz año. 

I learned:  

  • to give without expecting anything in return
  • to accept other cultures, but also to express my own beliefs
  • to face fear with a victory in mind
  • to have faith, even though I had doubt
  • to pour my heart out to God in all situations and pray for others
  • if no one stood with me, I would still be able to stand on my own
  • not to be controlling and demanding
  • how to Fast & Pray
  • how to travel overseas
  • little bit of Spanish
  • how to be transparent
  • that it’s not that important to get involved in other people’s affairs
  • people will never love each other the same way
  • not to assume, but to be cautious about how you confront someone
  • what it feels like to be controlled by another person
  • to feel all emotions and accept the roles I played
  • to be confident in love even through adversity 

He was the perfect stranger and now someone I can call a friend. 

Gracias, mi amor. 

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