Perfect Day to Sip & Shop

Today feels like the perfect day to go shopping!  It’s nothing like having the freedom to just get out of the office and go shopping on a day like today. 

With all the hype about Super Bowl LI hosted here in my city, I can feel the festivity vibes of “party time!” 

Call up the Range Rover, pop open the champagne and tell your girls, be ready, we’re going shopping! 

Let’s start with the River Oaks District for lunch. A woman doesn’t shop on an empty stomach. She has to get her creativity flowing with great food and girly laughter. There’s plenty of choices for a delicate cuisine. 

Next browse the High-Fashion Luxury Designer Boutiques and shops for men and women paired with fine-dining restaurants, cafes and entertainment. 

I can’t forget to stop in to see my sister at BANNOU!  Hey girl!  

A progressive fashion boutique dedicated to the appreciation of individual style, customer service, and quality at affordable prices.  

Sounds like a day of fun but I’m at work.  Visit Houston sometimes. It’s going down next weekend!!!!

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