Have you ever wanted to travel and meet someone amazing?  Is this even possible?

Someone who immediately makes you smile from that specific look in their eyes.  It kind of makes you stop and think  are they portraying the same thing you’re thinking?

That physical and emotional connection of being in that realm, it’s just you and that special one. Everyone else is just a blur. 

Now you’re thinking , feeling, and fantasizing about what comes next. 

And when their language speaks to you, you pause because you could not understand what was being said.

Like, wait, what?

What language are you speaking? In what tongue? 

The language of love comes first, all the other stuff we can work it out later. 

I see you, I know you see me too. 

Let’s not let this moment pass without connecting two individuals who traveled from afar to be in the same space  at the same time with the same thoughts in our minds.  

Raquel ©

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